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Zangeki No Reginleiv


Or the awesome game Nintendo is publishing from Sandlot. Coming out Q1 of 2010. A lot of stuff is known already and I forgot to post this for a while.
10 seconds of footage. Can you believe a Wii is doing that? Yeah. Anyway details known:
- surprisingly violent
- target the head and limbs of enemies
- slice off head and limbs with blood effects
- the gameplay features young deities against a race of giants
- free online play is confirmed for co-op, which once again, supports 4 players
- weapon customization
- over 300 different weapons
- mix of up-close and distant fighting
- you will use your sword for close combat
- magic is used for long-range attacks
- each stage has a goal that you have to achieve before you can advance, with some goals pertaining to a kill count for each stage
- online lobby for players to meet in
- enemies will cooperate with one another
- no local multiplayer
- expect MotionPlus to be used for the sword aspect of the game
- two playable characters: Fray and Fraya
- due out Feb. 11th
- Freyr and Freyja are siblings
- main characters based off of Norse mythology and Ragnarok
- Freyr uses melee weapons like swords, spears, hammers, etc.
- Freyja uses ranged weapons like bows and magic
- the over 300 weapons in the game are separated between the two characters
- You are allowed to bring 3 weapons into each mission
- gain mana when defeating enemies
- use mana to "create" new weapons via alchemy
- NPCs such as villagers and soldiers that will side with you
- framerate will vary, with dips below 20 FPS, and heights of 60 FPS
- controls will account for any dropped frames
- 5 difficultly settings: Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard and Inferno
- Freyja uses homing and lock-on to fire her arrows
- A bow at lvl1 can apparently lock on to 4-6 targets at once, but the number increases with higher level weapons
- using magic consumes MP
- regenerate MP by killing enemies

Luke the Almighty

Kickin' Gastly
I'm not one for violent games. But if this shines through with the creativity of Nintendo such as Pikmin or Metroid, there is nothing that will stop me from getting this.


You honestly thought Nintendo had a part in the development of this type of game, despite their track record and the type of people they're trying to cater to now? :x

This game looks like it's going to be friggin' epic.
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