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Zelda games...and technology?


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It is a magical train, running on magical tracks that were made by magical spirits to seal a magical demon. There is nothing technological about it.
There have been hints in the game of other, non-magical trains running around the tracks (...like, the non-magical trains running around the tracks in the beginning of the game). So, those tracks aren't that special that only some magical train can run over those tracks. Every moron with a train can.


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The train you get at the beginning was a train created by the spirits. If those things already existed, it is not too far of a stretch to think that the Hylian immigrants simple reverse engineered the existing trains.

Though personally, I can't see the series going for anything more technologically advanced that that. So I'm pretty sure the laser swords are out of the picture. My primary reasoning is because these are fantasy adventure games, not sci-fi adventure games.

Final Fantasy.


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You know what I'd like to see? A cello as the instrument. Or some orchestral instrument. As well as maybe a cloud as a companion. Kinda like Nimbus from Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z.


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Yeah, but oh well. I think that maybe they should have subtle hints of trains in other games, but with other uses, just transporting goods, I guess.


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They make one indiana jones style technology since they did have bits like arrows, rolling boulders etc
even though they probably won't


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What more could they really ape from Indiana Jones that wouldn't be totally out of place? Link's run from arrow traps, rolling boulders, flame pits, booby-trapped temples, we got the whip as an item in Spirit Tracks, what more "Indiana Jones style technology" do you want? Particularly since that's a contradiction in terms, given that Indy never uses more than a whip and a revolver anyway.


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I still think the amount of technology shown in previous Zelda games is all they need.


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So my thought is this: what if they were to make a Zelda game in an era of technology. I don't mean INCREDIBLY advanced technology like lazerswords, computers, and what not. I mean like a sort of Industrial Revolution kind of technology like steam, pistons, pipes, etc.

It sounds both cool and not so great at the same time, somehow.

I think a lot of the appeal of the franchise (to me personally at least) is the setting, how far back in time it generally is set. I like that you have a sword and ride a horse and light torches as opposed to other methods, so in a way I suppose I'd feel kind of sad if they seriously moved on to a different level of industrialization altogether.

If it's absolutely neccesary, I suppose one game, but I don't think I'd like it at all if every game took off in that direction in future.