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Zenith Fallen (Ikarishipping)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Encyclopika, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. Encyclopika

    Encyclopika The Queen

    =D I know...it's weird to see Encyclopika write something that ISN'T Contestshipping...but hey, I love the fun that comes with the Shinji/Hikari pairing. XDD This one's rated PG and I hope you like it. Gonna be a short chaptered one. >D First chappie's kinda short, and they'll probably stay 2-3 pages long. ^^; Enjoy!
    Zenith Fallen

    Chapter 1 (2 1/16th pages long)

    “We’re blasting off again!” cried Team Rocket, their voices fading as they sailed through the air.

    Flying in the opposite direction, Hikari could barely hear Satoshi’s shouting voice, begging her to take his hand, but it was too late. She had already been separated from him. The canopy of the surrounding temperate forest flew past her eyes and before she could register it, her body stopped its descent as she landed in a thick, leafy bush. The leaves rustled and then quieted as Hikari was finally able to accept what was happening. She lifted herself up and rubbed her head – now she knew how Team Rocket felt every time they “blasted off” and for a split second, Hikari felt bad.
    Hikari got off her landing pad, thankful she hadn’t landed only a foot away. She dropped to her knees, realizing her loneliness and how lost she was now. While traveling through this forest, she and her group of friends had not treaded into this part of the wood where the canopy was the densest. Most the ground was in shadow, very little grass grew as a result – only a few patches of sunlight were able to peer through. It was also pretty quiet, except for the Kricketot melodies that could be heard far off hidden in the trees and the squawk of a preying Staraptor above.
    Another sound rustled suddenly. Amongst the far off Pokemon voices, this shuffling bush was not so far away, in fact, it was located only a few feet from where Hikari sat. She turned her head slowly, as if reluctant to see whatever danger would erupt from the bushes, with a frightened expression. Unable to move in her fear, she watched as the figure emerged from the vegetation, revealing itself to be a person, but perhaps the last person Hikari hoped to see. It was Shinji, and he sported a look as disappointed as hers.

    “Why is there a girl sitting in the middle of the forest?” he asked with his usual attitude.

    “I…” Hikari started, unable to explain it in a way that would make sense. Instead, she decided to just explain it the way it was. She pointed up to the canopy. “I fell out of the sky.”

    She said it so seriously, that for a moment it looked as if her discoverer bought it at full price. However, even shocked at her ridiculous answer, he kept the same face, as if angry with her.

    “Are you kidding me? Do I look like I have time to hear stupid things like that?” he seemed to scold her, as if she were five years old.

    Hikari’s brow furrowed, first for his attitude and second for his inability to recognize her. She got up from her place on the ground, embarrassed and yet irritated he didn’t believe her.

    “That’s really what happened! See, I was with my friends Satoshi and Takeshi and then we-”

    Shinji cut her off, “Look, like I said, I don’t have time for this.”

    He then began to walk away from her, onto the other side of the small clearing, into the shadows of the forest beyond. Hikari couldn’t believe this, and as he disappeared, she felt as though he could not have been ruder. Still, his footsteps became absorbed into the forest, and again she was swallowed up by the silence. The sound of the Kricketot seemed to have gotten farther and the Staraptor had vanished. Fear struck her – without another person, the forest was quite unnerving. She gathered her courage and ran into the foliage after Shinji – better off traveling with someone you know a little than no one at all, Hikari decided.
    Since only the tree trunk bases and fallen leaves were on the ground, Hikari could spot Shinji’s back easily, even if he had gotten pretty far away.

    “Hey, Shinji! Wait up for a second!” Hikari called in a pleading voice.

    The rude trainer kept his march, though, either unable to hear her or ignoring her. Hikari assumed the latter. She ran towards him and caught up all by herself, out of breath but full of annoyance. She got in front of him, forcing him to come to a halt.

    “Ya know, when someone says “stop” it’s probably in your or someone else’s best interest,” Hikari lectured him.

    “How could stopping for you help me at all?”

    Hikari huffed, but then decided not to jump to his level; after all, she did need a favor from him, and it would be hard as it was on normal circumstances.

    “I was gonna ask if I could…come with you,” Hikari asked, very gently and very dismissively, showing her desperate situation.

    Shinji quirked an eyebrow, confused as to why anyone would want to tag along with him. “No, you can’t,” he answered coldly.

    “But…but why not?”

    “Because I don’t need to be dragged down by a little rookie like you. You’re annoying.”

    “No I’m not!”

    “Yes you are.”

    “C’mon! Just until I find my friends – they’re around here somewhere!”

    Hikari was begging and pleading, but none of her words seemed to budge the stubborn rock Shinji was. He had begun to walk away, but Hikari followed earnestly – even if he didn’t want her to tag along, she would until he agreed to it.
    ‘Yeah, I can play this game, too!” Hikari thought evilly.

    “I don’t need to be looking for your friends, I have things to do,” Shinji shot back at her.

    “You don’t need to be looking! We’ll eventually run into them. It’s Satoshi; you’d probably want to battle him.”

    Shinji didn’t answer for a few seconds and Hikari thought that was the gold ticket. She had finally worn him down!

    “Like I said before, in case you were deaf, no!”

    Hikari grumbled, “But why not!”

    “We went over that. Now get out of my sight!”



    “Please? Please? Please?”

    “No, God damnit!”

    The young coordinator kept up the begging for some time, clasping her hands in front of her and not backing down. Shinji then stopped, annoyed to hell’s end. His fists were clenched and he turned around to face her.

    “You need to shut up!” he yelled at her. “You’re unbelievable!”

    “So can I travel with you? It’s just until we run into Satoshi and Takeshi. I highly doubt it’ll take the rest of the day!”

    Shinji grumbled, but his walls had been torn down. “Fine.”

    “Yay!” Hikari jumped, happy her strategy had been successful.

    “Under one condition,” Shinji stopped the party.

    He held up his pointer finger to signify the condition’s utter importance and to get the younger coordinator’s attention. Hikari looked at him, eager to hear this rule. Shinji then spoke, stern and serious to get across that he was going to be severe about this law.

    “You need to be absolutely silent. Be invisible.”
    Hope you liked it! More coming soon. If you want to be on the PM list, just say so (but don't spam to do it! >.<) Thankies.
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2007
  2. Whiscash

    Whiscash Professional catfish

    Wow, that was great! I don't normally review fics, but that was the first halfway-decent Ikarishipping fic I've ever read ^_^ I really like how you write Hikari and Shinji, they were both very IC ^^ Looking forward to the next chapter!

    XDD That made me laugh.
  3. rayon1

    rayon1 Romance Lover

    I loved this! The begging reminded me of, me!

    XDD I could only imagine how much someone else would react if given that answer. Only Shinji would be able to keep a straight face. I can't wait to read the rest of this story.

  4. Encyclopika

    Encyclopika The Queen

    Thank you for your reviews. ^^ I just wanted to put an Ikari fic under my belt, I hope I continue to entertain you. 8D
    I'm very happy to hear that! ^^
  5. kaze_wind

    kaze_wind Let's Race!

    *bursts out laughing* that is by far the best line in this chapter! ok, I am so looking forward to the next chapter! hope you like cookies! *gives you batch of cookies*
  6. Chelc

    Chelc Well-Known Member

    OMG Ikarishipping. <3

    I love it so far! It's hilarious how annoyed Shinji can get. The way Hikari kept going until he agreed was so great. Like everyone else, I loled @ Hikari's response to Shinji's, "Why is there a girl sitting in the middle of the forest?" XD

    Didn't see any mistakes or anything, but was kinda wondering on:

    You probably meant to use the original names, but just thought I'd point it out anyway. ^^; Can't wait for the next chapter!

    [btw, I'd like to be on the PM list. :D]
  7. honey_clover112

    honey_clover112 tsundere full force!


    It's lke you're explaining that Hikari became a fallen angel or something.XDD
    Well, that was interesting....how can Hikari, a girl with the curiousness of a five-year old, stay quiet?

    Nice chapter, and I hope to see more chapters as well written as this.

    Yes, PM list, Please!

  8. Syushuu

    Syushuu Coordinator

    awww i think the endin of this chapter was really cute! especially when shinji said “You need to be absolutely silent. Be invisible.” that seem alot like shinji lol
    best ikarishipping fic i read ever since diamond&pearl came out in jp
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2007
  9. hey, awesome fic! personally, i'm a pearlshipper, but it's interesting to see how well you put together a curious, loud, little girl with a cold, lonely, i-don't-need-anyone kind of guy.

    ROFL i can totally see hikari saying that in the anime!


    i really loved the fact that shinji didn't say "pathetic" even once in there. he says it so much in every episode that it really gets annoying. *rants at the writers* can't wait to read the rest! can i be on the PM list? thanx!

    ;216; Tff
  10. Encyclopika

    Encyclopika The Queen

    Isn't it great? *hugs Shinji against his will*
    And yes, you're on the PM list. =3
  11. Whitefire2000

    Whitefire2000 Deep sleeper

    Awesome! I love Ikarishipping! Can you add me onto your PM list?
  12. Moonlight Burakki

    Moonlight Burakki HAY GUYS!!1

    Hey this looks really good! Lol you're like one of my favorite authors, and I'm so glad you decided to write an IkariShipping fic x)

    To actually review the story: You did a great job with the charas as always, they are all IC and I loved Hikari's line : "I fell out of the sky." Lmao! xD

    Anyways, great job and could I please be on the PM list? xD

    I hope you update soon! :)
  13. Encyclopika

    Encyclopika The Queen

    Moonlight Burakki: I'm flattered to hear I'm one of your favorite authoresses. You are on the PM list. As are you Whitefire2000.
    Um, I probably won't update for a while - I do have to pick Contest Tie back up. =P But it will be continued, so don't anybody rush me. (that's illegal anyway >D)
  14. ellie-chan

    ellie-chan ~Coordinator Chica~

    Like everyone else above, that part made me want to laugh but I couldn't since I'm supposed to be asleep so I'm just trembling & shaking.

    Anyways, I like where this story is going. The other reviewers pretty much said everything i was going to say so all I can say is keep up the good work. OH, and can I please be added to the PM List?

    And if I didn't know any better, Encyclopika, I'd say you have a thing for guys that insult girls & have a not-normal hair color, LOL.
  15. Whitefire2000

    Whitefire2000 Deep sleeper

    That's okay. I'll wait. Story writing should never be rushed. :D
  16. Encyclopika

    Encyclopika The Queen

    0.o Now that's the fastest stream of comments I've ever gotten. lol (that I can remember). ellie-chan, you're on the PM list.
    Oh, you got me. XD
  17. dandelionheart

    dandelionheart Active Member

    lol I actually loved the last line, so like Shinji ^^

    I'm def not an Ikarishipper but this is super cute, the characters are perfectly IC, and its already interesting!

    btw the banner you made is esp awesome
  18. Hikarii

    Hikarii Two i's, not one!

    Holy crap. I normally, usually, ALWAYS try to avoid fanfiction whenever possible because of how ridiculously out of character characters get. (Although, I do acknowledge the fact that there are quite a good number of excellent fanfiction. I just have yet to find them. [However, with the landslide of the others, I'm afraid to.])

    I'm really glad someone like you can write a fic for Ikarishipping. Like I said, I haven't really explored the fanfiction department for this ship, but it seems Ikarishipping gets quite a bashing from others because of it. But huzzah! A fic that gives Ikarishipping it's merit. (What merit..? XD)

    But I really meant it when I said this fic was amazing. It almost makes me want to read your other works. (Which, I believe, are Contestshipping fics? I'm not too keen on that pairing, but I'm sure good writing could change my mind. XD)

    I look forward to the next chapteer.
  19. Encyclopika

    Encyclopika The Queen

    Thx you two for the great reviews. I'm glad everyone agrees Shinji and Hikari are IC - I always think I won't get the characters correct. Thx for the support.
    And yes, Hikarii...most of my other works are Contestshipping as the main ship.
    I'm glad to hear you stopped by even with your good reasons for not diving into the fanfiction nowadays. /I'mthesameway XD;
  20. XanimeprincessXlol

    XanimeprincessXlol ~absol trainer~

    yay i absolutely love ikarishipping... its kinda funny the way shinji was treating hikari like a little girl at the end... can you please put me on your PM list

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