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Zero Isle

Discussion in 'Pokémon Spinoff Discussion' started by DarkPikachu1995, May 22, 2008.

  1. DarkPikachu1995

    DarkPikachu1995 Cute, but EVIL

    What is your favorite Zero Isle Dungeon?
    Have you gotten the treasure(s) at the end of each?
  2. KMANN2

    KMANN2 Well-Known Member

    Theres treasures at the end? O.0
  3. latiasfinder

    latiasfinder Giratina Queen

    I'm too chicken to go try one. -.-
  4. DarkPikachu1995

    DarkPikachu1995 Cute, but EVIL

    i got to the end of zero isle north and got the golden mask, wonder gummi and something else
  5. gogaomon

    gogaomon Well-Known Member

    those dungeons are way too hard and with the wm generator u can create easy missions to get those items(like magikarp outlaw beach cave fl2 for golden seed) Great job completing Zero ISle North!
  6. NinjaBaker

    NinjaBaker Well-Known Member

    I tried zero isle south....died on the BF11...;475;
  7. Rakurai

    Rakurai Well-Known Member

    Though that completely removes the point of the dungeons.

    I guess many people simply don't like challenges, and would rather easy mode their way through everything by abusing the WM generator.
  8. DarkPikachu1995

    DarkPikachu1995 Cute, but EVIL

    Thanks it was pretty hard though :)
  9. aerobolt1

    aerobolt1 World Domination!!!!

    Favorite Zero Isle? Is that possible? I'd have to say North, because I don't go down to level 1
  10. Darkrai's Nightmare

    Darkrai's Nightmare Well-Known Member

    I haven't tried them yet.I am going for North today or tomorrow.How many floors are there?
  11. DarkPikachu1995

    DarkPikachu1995 Cute, but EVIL

    i believe there are 75
  12. mystery piplup

    mystery piplup this place sucks

    im not going im a chicken to go there
  13. DarkPikachu1995

    DarkPikachu1995 Cute, but EVIL

    its not really hard its just normal hard since some pokemon hit 90s in there
  14. Silent Conversation

    Silent Conversation Formerly SinnohChamp

    I haven't tried completing any of them, but usually when I do mission created by the WMG, I used Zero Isle North. (to get lots of rank points)

    Off topic: WOO!!! RANK UP!!
  15. Night-Kitten

    Night-Kitten MGS fan & LoZ fan

    I completed Zero Isle North just a few miniutes ago as I was looking at this topic lol weird... that place was very hard!! but that does not stop Team Fox-Hound from defeating Metal G- *team members cover My mouth* mmfffmm!!
    umm I mean dungeons! yeah, yeah, that's it d-dungeons... *sigh*
  16. gardevoir11

    gardevoir11 The First Princess

    The only one I've ever tried was Zero Isle North because you aren't downgraded to lv 1, but I stopped after completing the mission I was doing (only 20 or so floors). It's not terribly bad, can't speak for the others though...
  17. Jaeger

    Jaeger Well-Known Member

    Right when I unlocked them, I went to the North Isle, I believe, and I thought maybe I would breeze through it. Bahaha. I was dead by the 10th floor.
    And the emotional scars refuse to let me go back in there. Or any of them, for that matter.

    So I don't really know which would be my favorite. Probably North.
  18. DarkPikachu1995

    DarkPikachu1995 Cute, but EVIL

    I just made it through Zero Isle East as Mudkip, Cyndaquil, Gallade and Pikachu! I brought in 16 reviver seeds and used 10 :redface:
    At least I made it.(Barley though i went into a monster house filled with zangooses, manectrics and octillerys:()
  19. Silver_Dialga

    Silver_Dialga lieks Mudkips

    Congrats, then! The only Zero Isle dungeon I'd consider would be North...sigh....

    What items were at the end? 8D ( If there were any )
  20. BabyLugia

    BabyLugia Well-Known Member

    North of course o_x
    I'm too chicken to try the other directions.

    - BabyLugia

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