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Ziggy Stardust Finally Went Home - David Bowie dead at 69


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Here's the BBC report for those who want to see it.

This great man, a god in his own right, passed late last night, in perhaps the biggest shock and loss to music since Michael Jackson. So many artists take from this man and would not be here without him. He wasn't just a performer. He was an immensely talented vocalist, a multi-instrumentalist, a songwriter, a composer, and a cosmic alien.

As some have already stated, David Bowie's death is proof that even gods can fall. Rest In Peace Ziggy, you're finally home.


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R.I.P David Bowie, he was a brilliant musician who has turned to stardust and now gone up to play the big gig in the sky. He shall be missed.


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RIP, Bowie. You gave us many a great song, even only days before your death. (Do check it out if you haven't yet done so).


The light is coming
I just heard about this now, and I was so shocked. He was one of my favorite artists, and his influence is undeniable.

Rest in peace, Mr. Bowie.


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This hit me when I read it last night. I'll be honest, his music definitely isn't my favorite, but I can still recognize what a great musician he was. I gotta check out that new album today.


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I've never really understood the appeal of Davids music, but I enjoyed him as a colorful character that could pull off gender bending really well. RIP, David Bowie.


Ghost-Type Master
I've been listening to Blackstar all day. The second half of the song is so surreal to me now. It sounds like he was talking about himself.


Master of the House
Although David Bowie's music was never my favorite, it would be foolish not to realize the impact of his work. His music touched so many people, and his influence on multiple genres undeniable. RIP David Bowie, you will be missed.


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This came as a real shock. Still don't know how to react to it.. My girlfriend and I are expecting are first child in March, we don't know whether it will be a boy or a girl. But if it's a boy, we were already planning on naming him Bowen, fully aware that we'll call him Bowie most of the time.

In any case, David Jones has gone, but Bowie is still alive.

Lets also not forget that Bowie was a good actor as well.