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ZigZag Zangoose (324)



It's pretty obvious why Zangoose and Seviper hate each other. It's because Zangoose is a mongoose like pokemon and Seviper is a snake like pokemon. Mongooses and snakes (well, corbras at least) hate each other.

I think this is a good episode. I laughed at some parts (Meowth replacing Jessie, everyone chasing after Woobufett, Jame's comment about Nicolai). But I didn't like the trainer's choice or Zangoose's voice.

I'd give this episode an 8.5/10


~Thîrûttû R⚢âl~
Well..a 9.6/10 for this...as i couldn't help laughin since Ash was in a Seviper.


This episode rocked! It had so many good parts, but my favorite part was when Jessie cared so much about Seviper. See, she's not that evil XP
But in my opinion, it was way better than I feel skitty, so I'll give this episode a 9/10.


It was another good episode. Team Rocket was actually funny! 0__o Some good battles and humor, but the shorts references were very pointless... Still enjoyed it, though.


Spider Sceptile
I didn't see the Ep. might not afterall since probably can only catch the eps. on Fridays at 4 or during the week at 4 because of Work but I like the Riki-Tiki-Tumbo i believe thing going on with Zangoose and Seviper


Old Coot
Yeah, Seviper did sound somewhat off today. That's what the get for using two voices on one Pokémon. They should've just kept Seviper's entire Japanese voice since all we really hear it hissing is "Ha ne" in the Japanese version, rather than saying it's full name. At least they kept its comical blooping noises. X3


That was cool!!!!Zangoose Rules!!!!!! Sepiper down!!!!!I saw it today.But at the end I wonder who's gonna win.But the trainers choice was wried.
Anyway,that was good.

Houndoom Master

Brock seemed like too much of a know-it-all. Not that he doesn't always.. Crush Claw looked awesome! The battle was cool, and so was the Seviper-Ash vs. Zangoose-Nicolai. I was almost hoping Jesse would win, because Nicolai annoys me, and Jesse actually cared. Zangoose's voice was too deep IMO. I give it 6/10.


A good episode, a good episode. Better than that Skitty episode anyway(don't even get me started).

-Zangoose's voice was fine. I didn't even realize how deep it was.
-Ash in a Seviper suit...I rewinded and played that scene again at least three times!
-"I don't care if he likes his short pants, long pants, or underpants."--Jessie. Classic.
-James bowing down to Seviper. Three words: L O L.
-Wobbuffet with Pikachu was great! TR was actually really funny in this episode! Maybe it was the absence of the pointless Giovanni fantasies...
-I'm really glad they went with the game on the whole Zangoose/Seviper rivalry thing. They should do this more often.
-Ash chose the correct Pokémon for the battles this time! Treecko for Marshtomp instead of Corphish or Taillow(of course Pika's ineffective). It just goes to show how much Ash is improving in skill, as well as wisdom.
-Crush Claw...ohhh...*drools*
-Zangoose didn't recover miraculously. Thank goodness for that.
-Jessie was...okay when she lost. You know what's even weirder?...I liked it.

-Yeah, the Trainer's Choice bugged me too. I thought I was stupid! ^^;
-I really, REALLY wish Cassidy had come in with a Zangoose instead of Nikolai returning. Frankly I think Nikolai's rather bland even with the costumes, and imagine the rivalry between everyone then! Poor James and Meowth...
-Ash and Nikolai never get to finish their battles! Is that deliberate?

Overall, this one was really good! Few firsts, and just had a nice plot. Overall 8/10, because it had something missing that I can't seem to place.


Old Coot
I can't think of a time where any Pokémon that was hit by Poison Tail miraculously recovered instantly. o_O Treecko, Sharpedo and Zangoose each had to recover over a long period of time.

Seviper threatening Kojirou was indeed hilarious. x_X As for the rivalry thing, it's not really so much as them being rivals as they keep pushing. Snakes and mongoose are natural born enemies to eachother. o_o

Revolutionary Destiny

snoitome eurt deen I
I think this was a really good filler episode. One of my favorite parts was when Meowth did the motto with James. After they said the motto, I was thinking about Maddie's (voice of Meowth) comment about the Team Rocket motto in the Pokemon 4ever DVD commentary. He (Or is it she? I'm not sure) said they always mix it up for Eric and Rachael (voice of James and Jessie) but for him it's always "Meowth, that's right!". I thought it was a nice change of pace.

I give this episode a 9 out of 10.


I liked this episode a lot. It had a character comeback, and the battle between Seviper and Zangoose was awesome. And I think the only time Jame's Cacnea has used Sandstorm! They could of had Pikachu that time!!


-The Seviper-Ash VS Zangoose Nicholai scene was great.
-Phooey. I wanted to see Seviper win. :/
-The scene after Jessie lost was touching.
-*wonders why 4Kids bothered changing Zangoose's voice*


Old Coot
Besides the whole good always beating bad thing, I believe the mongoose are usually the victor over the snake considering they eat snakes. >_>;


Well-Known Member
This was a very interesting epsiode. I liked it a lot. I just loved Zangoose voice. ^___^
And when Ash and Nicholai battled each other was great. Ash dressed as Seviper, great stuff. And when Zangoose and Seviper was fighting each other, Jessie got into it so much. James and Meowth try to steal Pikachu, and Ash and co try to get Pikachu back. They even interrpt Jessie and Nicholai battle. Jessie got really mad, lol. Ash got Pikachu back though, yay. I also liked when Meowth took Jessie place to recite the motto with James. Great epsiode if you ask me.

V Faction

Finally caught it today.

-Alright, I see what's up with Zangoose's voice. It's the "4Kids Deep Voice", as I am now calling it. I would've liked some edge in it, kind of like....
EDIT: After listening to it again, it DOES have a subtle difference to it. THh voice isn't purely Absol's.

-..Seviper's voice! Hey, I have to admit, I love the mixing of the two different voices. You've got the cool English "Seh-VAIPAR!" and the cute/comical "Bpprt!" purr. If future Pokemon have quirks like that, I'd like to see more voice integration.

-My respect for Seviper grew in this episode. The actual design is amazingly thought out. Seviper is simply a death machine. Oh, and it's big too.

-Nicolai is growing on me. In the Japanese episodes so far, he hasn't shown up again, but I'd like for that to happen. He's gotten enough Character Development now to be the Hoenn Casey. Heck, I'd even be anxious to see if he appears as one of Ash's challengers in the Hoenn League, sporting Zangoose, Swampert, and Linoone no less. Rarely are "Filler Characters" reintroduced, so there's definitely some chance.

-That wacky Wobbuffet! And people say he's gotten stale...

-Hurray for Sandstorm! Too bad it didn't quite work out right.

-Trainer's Choice: I think I'll side with the Speed theory and the Dig hypothesis. It wasn't too long ago that we saw Ninjask. This could be the follow up TC like so many past WtP?'s did.
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Pokémon Master Josh

Orange Champion
i found this ep quite boring, but that's just me! :)

Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior

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i didnt get the trainers choice,torkoal could beat ninjask! good ep! seviper tried to drown zangoose..........9/10