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ZigZag Zangoose (324)

1.000th post!

Seeing Nicolai again was fun, he's a nice character, I liked his earlier appearance, early in the first AG season. I also liked how the writers included the Zangoose vs. Seviper thing in the anime. It was also nice to see Nicolai's different costumes again. 8/10.


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It was pretty cool for Jessie to actually care about Seviper's problem in this episode instead trying to catch Pikachu. The return of the knickerbocker kid was annoying. I don't like him at all and his knack for changing into different Pokemon costumes is unappealing for lack of a better word.

I think she cares about Habunake because she is in similar situation with Yamato as she said. Great episode in general especially when Satoshi dressed in a Habunake costume in order to train Zangoose to improve its battling skills.
Interesting to see the rivalry between Zangoose and Seviper brought to life in the show. :)
Neat to see Nickolai again.

Kind of a small ting to like and take extreme notice to, but I find it that raspberry-like noise Seviper makes sometimes super adorable. :)


I was surprised that Nicholai's Marshtomp lost to Ash's Treecko; type disadvantage or not, an evolved Pokemon liked Marshtomp should've beaten Treecko imo. Anyway, for once I was actually rooting for Team Rocket since I disliked Nicholai's Zangoose and basically the species in general and I wanted Jessie's Seviper to emasculate it. Sadly, Zangoose won.


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Seviper VS Zangoose was pretty interesting to watch.Wanted seviper to win the battle but It didn't. It good to see Jessie's soft side and her affection towards Seviper.Nicolai was a boring character.Ash dressed as Seviper was very funny actually. 7.5/10.


Ah damn, this was when Nicolai came back with his furry costumes. Him owning a Marshtomp before Brock was so unfair. :mad:

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I liked seeing Nicolai and his wacky costumes again and I was surprised that his Mudkip had evolved into Marshtomp. I was impressed that this episode showed Seviper's and Zangoose's natural rivalry too.
Nikolai's fur costume gag was as funny as before and I liked seeing him hunt down Zangoose. Zangoose and Seviper's rivalry was the most exciting part.


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It was great seeing Ash and Nicolai cosplaying, it was also nice to see the Zangoose/Seviper rivalry. I wonder what actually caused it orginally, fighting over land or something? I wonder if they are actually capable of making up, it would be nice to see some resolution eventually.

It was nice seeing Skitty again.

I like how they explored Jessie's hatred for Cassidy again.
When Ash and Nicholai battled each other, I laughed like a hyena when Ash dressed as Seviper. And when Zangoose and Seviper were fighting each other, Jessie got into it so much. She's so passionate.~


I enjoyed how Kiyo mentioned that he lost to Senri at the Touka Gym, and Numacraw versus Kimori was a nice little match. I chuckled when Satoshi dressed up as a Habunake too and how Haruka's Eneco was acting playful with it, although I have to admit that I wish Kiyo's Zangoose hadn't beaten Musashi's Habunake.


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Jess's Seviper was finally able to shine again after 40 episodes of doing nothing. I didn't mind that Zangoose was shown, but what's-his-name (Nicholas?) was annoying.


Jess's Seviper was finally able to shine again after 40 episodes of doing nothing.

I didn't mind Habunake's role here per se, although watching it become a "fall guy" for Zangoose's sake was a bit vexing since I had waited such a long time to see Musashi's Habunake prove his worth.

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I wish the anime would go deeper into the Zangoose VS. Seviper rivalry like how it influences human culture in the Pokemon world.


Pikachu Fan Number Nine said:
I wish the anime would go deeper into the Zangoose VS. Seviper rivalry like how it influences human culture in the Pokemon world.

I figure that trainers at least avoid capturing both species for their teams since they'd just end up trying to harm each other even if they belong to the same trainer.


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My favourite word is....
Jessie: I understand. I suppose everyone has one person in the world, they wish they can abandon the island or thrown down at Raticate's hole... CASSIDY FOR INSTANT!!!!!

James/Meowth: Cassidy?!?!

Jessie: Oh! She's the one I turned to pieces if I half a chance!!!!