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Zold's Sun and Moon Breeding/RNG Grounds (Flawless Ball Bred HA Pokémon and Ditto's!)


Hey Zold are you still looking for eviolites?? If so can i get:

Trainer Name: 3fiddy
Interested in: Pasimian
IV Spread: 5iv
Gender Female
Nature: adamant
Ability: receiver
PokéBall: Friend ball
EggMoves: your 4 listed
Nickname: [Desired Nickname]

Offer: Eviolite

Trainer Name: 3fiddy
Interested in: Stufful
IV Spread: 5iv
Gender: Female
Nature: Adamant
Ability: fluffy
PokéBall: Heal Ball
EggMoves: Thunder punch ice punch

Offer: eviolite

Friend Code: 0963-1007-3370
In Game Name 3Fiddy
Timezone GMT: -6
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@3fiddy: Yes I am :). Order and offer accepted, probably for Tuesday!

Sweet. I run a Washer League on Tuesdays for the last 18 straight weeks. I told them I needed this Tuesday off for a break , worked out good:)


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Okay, my internet problem has been fixed! The wiring is good and I connected on the GTS and Wonder Trade a couple minutes ago, everything is functioning perfectly. I'm available to trade whenever you can ^^


Trainer Name: [Dstenshi]

Interested in: [Clefairy]
IV Spread: [Desired Spread: 31-XX-31-31-31-31]
Gender: [Female]
Nature: [Calm]
Ability: [Magic Guard]
PokéBall: [Dream Ball]
EggMoves: [Desired Stealth Rocks*** / Wish/ AromaTherapy / XX]
Nickname: [Dolunay]

Interested in: [Charmander]
IV Spread: [Desired Spread: 31-XX-31-31-31-31]
Gender: [Male]
Nature: [Timid]
Ability: [Blaze]
PokéBall: [Repeat Ball]
EggMoves: [Desired: Ancient Power/XX]
Nickname: [Digivolve]

Interested in: [Grimer]
IV Spread: [Desired Spread: 31-31-31-XX-31-31]
Gender: [Male(either way is fine)]
Nature: [Adamant]
Ability: [Power of Alchemy]
PokéBall: [Dream Ball]
EggMoves: [Desired Shadow Sneak / Prusuit / XX]
Nickname: [Oscar]

Offering: Credits xD
Any issues let me know :)
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Trainer Name: ~CallOfTheIndie~

Interested in: Zubat
IV Spread: 31/31/31/xx/31/31
Gender: Female
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Infiltrator
PokéBall: Moon
EggMoves: Defog/Brave Bird
Nickname: Barbara

Offering: Donald Trump
IV Spread: 31/31/31/xx/31/31
Gender: -
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Adaptability
PokéBall: Luxury
EggMoves: Revenge/Last Resort

IGN: Mina
FC: 0860-4279-0802
GMT: -8


Pokémon Breeder
@Dstenshi: Order and offer accepted, probably done by Tuesday!
@CallOfTheIndie: Order and offer accepted, probably done by Wednesday!

Alatar VGC

House Greyjoy
Trainer Name: Alatar VGC
Interested in: Passimian
IV Spread: Any
Gender: Either
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Retriver
PokéBall: Friend Ball
EggMoves: Quick Guard, Iron Head
Nickname: None

Offer: WishiWashi
IV Spread: 31-XX-31-31-31-31
Gender: Female
Nature: Modest
Ability: Schooling
PokéBall: Dive Ball
EggMoves: Water Pulse, Mist, Muddy Water

Friend Code: 1435-8203-9520

In Game Name: Will-VGC
Timezone GMT: GMT


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Trainer Name: Whimsicott
Interested in: Buisel
IV Spread: 31/31/31/x/31/31
Gender: Any
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Water Veil
PokéBall: Fast Ball
EggMoves: Switcheroo / Batton Pass / Aqua Ring / Tail Slap
Nickname: None

Offer: 1 Credit

Friend Code: 2638-0798-7364
In Game Name: Stephen
Timezone GMT: GMT + 8

I'd like it in ORAS please. ^^


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Hey Zold, have you gotten any special balls for Snivy and Oshawott yet? I would like to ask for them in offers, but not if you don't have them yet.

I've also begun work on two different pokemon, one of which we slightly discussed before:

Offer: Porygon
IV Spread: 31/xx/31/31/31/31
Gender: Porygon is Genderless
Nature: Timid
Ability: Trace (Adaptability on Porygon-Z)
PokéBall: Dive Ball (I also have Luxury, Heal, Timer, Repeat, Great, and Quick Ball that are breedable, though Dive Ball is what I'm working on)
EggMoves: None Available

Offer: Venipede
IV Spread: 31/31/31/xx/31/31
Gender: Male/Female
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Speed Boost
PokéBall: Heal Ball
EggMoves: Spikes/Toxic Spikes/Pin Missile

Of course I would like to ask for Snivy and Oshawott, but I can also make these Credit offers if you can't put them in special balls yet. Though... I could actually catch them in special balls for you... eh whatever, something to think about.
Trainer Name: Shade_Koopa
Interested in: Jangmo-o
IV Spread: [Desired Spread: 31-XX-31-31-31-31]
Gender: Female Preferred
Nature: Modest Nature Preferred
Ability: Overcoat
PokéBall: Heavy Ball Preferred
EggMoves: None
Nickname: No Nickname Needed.

Offer: [3x Bottle Cap]

Friend Code: [1375-7799-2452]
In Game Name: Shade
Timezone GMT: [GMT -/+ 5:00]


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Was just wondering if you have finished breeding yet.

I'm available to trade whenever :)


It's a mystery.
Hey again. xP Uhhh... so considering that I have no idea when I'll be finishing my shiny Kyurem hunt in AS (primarily because I haven't gotten lucky yet at 700+ SRs in. rip), and I know I'm missing one of these mons I'm hoping to breed someday... I'm thinking it's time I'd like to use my credits again. (How much would get used, in this case?)


Trainer Name: SilverLanayru
Interested in: Skrelp
IV Spread: 31/(even)/31/30/31/30 [HP Fire]
Gender: Female
Nature: Modest
Ability: Adaptability
PokéBall: Dive Ball (if possible; if not, Luxury Ball is fine, too.)
EggMoves: Acid Armor, Haze, Play Rough, Toxic Spikes
Nickname: Tyriana

Offer: Credits

Friend Code: 1977-0801-2134
In Game Name: Lanayru (Tricia, if you choose to breed/trade through 6th gen)
Timezone GMT: GMT -8


Pokémon Breeder
@Xatuish: I have Friend Ball Snivy and Beast Ball Oshawott. I'd be most interested in Heal Ball Porygon, or preferably Dream if you also have that.
@Shade_Koopa: Order and offer accepted, probably done by Thursday!
@wannabe311: You can check the status of your order in the main post under "Finished Breed Requests". Yours is finished.
@Silver: I'm afraid I don't have a Dive Ball one, I can do Luxury though. HP Fire would be two credits in total.

For those wondering, I will update the main post with the Pokebank Pokemon this week as well as the creditlist. For the time being the Pokebank pictures will remain the old style as I'll slowly progress to convert them to the smaller new styled images.


It's a mystery.
@Silver: I'm afraid I don't have a Dive Ball one, I can do Luxury though. HP Fire would be two credits in total.
In that case, Luxury Ball is just fine. ^^ Duly noted on the credit cost, by the way. I think that should leave me with 5 credits remaining after this? Though I do want to know if you're doing it through XY/ORAS or SM so that I know which game I should be trading from. xD