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Zold's X&Y Breeding Grounds


Pokémon Breeder
15 March Finished:
All breed requests for today have been finished!
I won't be accepting any non-TSO requests for a while, untill 23 March that is. As I mentioned a lot of times, it's my goal to finish the IV Bred Dex before the end of March and that's why I will be using this "break" to breed the remaining Pokemon ^^

That said, you cal always keep PM'ing me to trade and whatnot!

See ya for now!


Well-Known Member
Edit: never mind don't need it anymore
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:) Not sure if you're still offering BUT,

Trainer Name: rabbitqueen
Interested in: TSO Growlithe

Offer: Gardevoirite

Friend Code: 4398 9717 9685
In Game Name: Reb
Timezone GMT: GMT -4


Midnight Valkyrie
Hi there, I don't know if it is still running, but I am interested in your special offer:

Trainer Name: Ganieda
Interested in: Eevee (Espeon)
IV Spread: preset
Gender: preset (a female would be awesome however)
Nature: preset
Ability: Anticipation
PokeBall: Dream Ball
EggMoves: preset
Nickname: none

Offer: Blazikenite

FC:3866 8754 9195
Timezone: GMT+1


Well-Known Member
Hello Zold. Not sure if the TSO is still going, yet I'm in interested in two of those.

Trainer Name: Jack
Interested in: Eevee (Espeon), Eevee (Leafeon)
IV Spread: Preset
Gender: Female for both would be preferred
Nature: Preset
Ability: Anticipation
PokeBall: Dream Ball (Espeon Eevee), Net Ball (I think) (Leafeon Eevee)
EggMoves: Preset
Nicknames: Byzantium (Espeon) and Chartreuse (Leafeon)

Offer: Gyaradosite and Medichamite

IGN: Jack
FC: 2251-5260-4403
Timezone: GMT



New Member
Trainer Name: mfrutis
Interested in: feebas/evee(espeon)/bagon(naive)
IV Spread: the iv's listed
Gender: would like a female febass if possible and male bagon
Nature: naive for bagon/bold febass/timid espeon
Ability: swiftswim/aniticipation/sheer force
PokeBall: any
EggMoves: egg moves listed on the pictures
Nickname: none

Offer: foongus pair
IV Spread: 31/xx/31/31/31/31
Gender: pair
Nature: bold
Ability: male has regenerator and female has effect spore
PokeBall: heal ball
EggMoves: stun spore

Friend Code: FC 4081-5938-2196
In Game Name: taeyeon
Timezone GMT: central us

Also giving gardeviorite


Veteran Trainer
Would you want a 6IV female Elekid with Vital Spirit, Ultra Ball, and EM Ice Punch/Cross Chop/Barrier?

Cool Boy

Be fearless
Are you interested in female absol in moon ball?


Trainer Name: Pokemister
Interested in: Hawlucha and Bergmite
IV Spread: 31/31/31/x/31/31 for Hawlucha and 31/31/31/x/31/x for Bergmite
Gender: Both Male
Nature: Adamant (Hawlucha) and Relaxed (Bergmite)
Ability: Unburden and Sturdy
PokeBall: N/A
EggMoves: N/A
Nickname: None

Offer: Japanese Ditto
IV Spread: 31/31/31/31/31/31
Gender: N/A
Nature: Modest
Ability: Limber
PokeBall: Pokeball
EggMoves: N/A

Friend Code: 3325-2162-8197
In Game Name: Brendan
Timezone GMT: Central (-5 GMT)


Pokémon Breeder
@mfungis: Already have a Foongus I'm afraid!
@Chestank: I might be, need to check my bank. Will update this message today :)
@Cool Boy: Hmm, it depends on the other Specs and IV's on it. If it's perfect I might be interested.
@Pokemister: Do you have any info on the whereabouts and method of obtain for the Ditto? The OT and ID# will help a lot.


Pokemon Breeder
Hey Zold, just so you know I got these 2 finished:

Modest Adaptability Basculin-R(F) 31/x/31/30/31/31 (+Brine, Mud Shot, Muddy Water, Whirlpool) Hidden Power Grass -Nest Ball-
Jolly Swarm Larvesta(F) 31/31/31/x/31/31 (+Endure, Magnet Rise, Morning Sun, Zen Headbutt) -Timer Ball-

Currently working on the Bold Flame Body HP Rock Larvesta. Gonna be kinda like the other one in terms of egg moves but will have Harden over Zen Headbutt as I feel it could be useful if you want to boost to be unkillable from both sides outside of Toxic. Already got everything ready today except IVs but I think I'm off for today so it should get done next Thurs-Sun. Shouldn't take long as I plan on finishing it first.


Clone my Balls!
Hi, I don't suppose you trade items? I'm looking for a Lucky Egg and not had much luck asking elsewhere. I'm very early in the game and dont have much to trade but if you've something in mind, let me know!


Let's Player
So tell me how much is my absol is worth. I am a bit confused on the pricing.
We can start negotiating with my beginning interest.

Interested in: HoneHedge
IV Spread: [Desired Spread: 31-31-31-XX-31-0]
Gender: Female
Nature: Brave
Ability: No Guard
PokeBall: Luxury

Offer: Absol
IV Spread: [Offered IV Spread 31-31-31-XX-31-31]
Gender: Female
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Pressure
PokeBall: Moon Ball
EggMoves: Baton Pass, Megahorn, Zen Headbutt, Play Rough
Friend Code: 3780 9030 1314
In Game Name: Loki
Timezone GMT: GMT -8 or -7 which ever is PST. America can be weird.


Pokémon Breeder
@BlueDryBones: Looks good :)
@Matt36: If you happen to have a Burmy with it's hidden ability I'd be interested.
@LokiStar: It'd have a value of 2. (1+1 for ball)


Pokémon Breeder
Open Bounty:
Currently looking for any Hidden Ability Burmy. Any Gender is fine, any ball is fine, preferably a nest ball if possible. IV's are irrelevant.
Reward: 1Credit + TSO Absol + TSO Eevee Leafeon+ TSO Eevee Espeon


Let's Player
After looking at the store more carefully, can I ask for a modest male hidden power fire bulbasaur with posted egg moves in exchange for the absol. I don't care about the ball or it being female.