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Zold's X&Y Breeding Grounds

Discussion in '6th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by Zold, Oct 24, 2013.

  1. PanOne

    PanOne Aquatic apprentice

    Females please and no pair thanks alot
  2. unfamiliarceilings

    unfamiliarceilings /u/qweligator

    Name: unfamiliarceilings

    Interested in: Joltik
    IV Spread: 31/x/31/31/31/31
    Gender: Female
    Nature: Timid
    Ability: Swarm (HA)
    PokeBall: Quick
    EggMoves: Cross Poison, Disable, Pin Missile, Pursuit

    Offer: Sableye
    IV Spread: 31/31/31/x/31/31
    Gender: Female
    Nature: Impish
    Ability: Prankster (HA)
    PokeBall: Luxury
    EggMoves: Feint, Trick, Recover, Sucker Punch

    Friend Code: 1693-2509-8132
    IGN: Saul
    Time Zone: GMT - 7
  3. Zold

    Zold Pokémon Breeder

    @unfamiliarceilings: Offer and order accepted, probably done tommorow!
  4. Zold

    Zold Pokémon Breeder

    All cards have been updated!
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2016
  5. MoonSong

    MoonSong Frosty the Ninetales

    Trainer Name: MoonSong
    Interested in: Riolu
    IV Spread: 31-31-31-XX-31-31
    Gender: Male
    Nature: Jolly
    Ability: Prankster
    PokéBall: Dream Ball
    EggMoves: Bullet Punch/Crunch
    Nickname: No nicknamed desired

    Offer: Honedge
    IV Spread: 31-31-31-31-XX-XX
    Gender: Female
    Nature: Quiet
    Ability: No Guard
    PokéBall: Pokéball
    EggMoves: Wide Guard

    Friend Code: 3067-6073-0812
    In Game Name: Apollo
    Timezone GMT: GMT -5 (or whatever US EST time is).
  6. Zold

    Zold Pokémon Breeder

    @Moonsong: I'm afraid I already have Honedge in a Pokeball. I am still looking for Ultra and Great Ball Honedges though.
  7. ~CallOfTheIndie~

    ~CallOfTheIndie~ Now on vinyl

    Name: ~CallOfTheIndie~

    Interested in: Lileep
    IV spread: any
    Gender: any
    Nature: Calm or Sassy
    Ability: Storm Drain
    Pokeball: any
    Egg Moves: Recover

    Offering: Mawile
    IV Spread: 31 - 31 - 31 - xx - 31 -31
    Gender: Female
    Nature: Adamant
    Ability: Sheer Force or Intimidate
    Pokeball: Dream Ball
    Egg Moves: Ice Punch and Sucker Punch

    FC: 0860-4279-0802
    IGN: Leila
    Timezone: GMT -8 (Pretty sure that's US Pacific time...)
  8. Xenomata

    Xenomata MS Paint Sableye

    Serebii.net Name: Xatuish
    Pokemon: Alpha Sapphire Trainer Name: Ishii
    Interested in: Totodile
    IV Spread: 31/31/31/xx/31/31
    Gender: Male
    Nature: Jolly
    Ability: Sheer Force
    PokéBall: Dive Ball? I didn't even realize that was possible.
    EggMoves: Aqua Jet/Dragon Dance/Ice Punch/Crunch
    Nickname: Feralinite

    Offer: Honedge
    IV Spread: 31/31/31/xx/31/31
    Gender: Female
    Nature: Adamant
    Ability: No Guard
    PokéBall: Great Ball
    EggMoves: Destiny Bond/Metal Sound/Shadow Sneak/Wide Guard (though if speed is an issue, all but Shadow Sneak can easily be dropped)

    Friend Code: 3926-5853-1176
    In Game Name: Ishi
    Timezone GMT: GMT -7

    Additional notes:

    If Great Ball is not desired, any other pokeball available in 6th gen can be requested.

    If given build is not desired, something else can be done, this is simply based off my own Aegislash, which would make the breeding process much faster.

    I am sorry if this is an outdated offer, but this is based off of the first post and your most recent comment regarding Honedge, which the first post I am unsure of how up-to-date what you are looking for is.
  9. Zold

    Zold Pokémon Breeder

    @Call of the Indie: Order and Offer accepted and ready for trade!
    @Xatuish: Dive Ball Totodile is transfered all the way back from Pokemon Colloseum. You cannot have a HA Totodile in any ball other than Pokeball however. Please let me know if you're still interested regardless. My main post is almost completely up to date, I edited it last week :)
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2016
  10. Zold

    Zold Pokémon Breeder

    Goomy Graduation Giveaway!
    In order to celebrate my graduation on the topic of Gamification in Education, I will be doing another giveaway!
    I figured that the best Pokemon for this giveaway would be Goomy, since Goomy was one of the first Pokemon I started this tradeshop with :)

    Please send me a PM if you want one of these Goomy's, and don't forget to clarify what gender you'd like to have!
  11. Lt. BLEU™

    Lt. BLEU™ Top Class Lieutenant

    Hello. I have a question. How do you have HA starters in Pokeball that are not normal one;s?
  12. Zold

    Zold Pokémon Breeder

    HA starters from Kanto and Kalos can be cought in the friend safari in any gen 6 Pokeball. Johto starters can be cought in colloseum in any gen 3 ball, but won't have HA (I got both HA and non HA, the HA ones are in Pokeballs). All other gens cannot be caught in any other than Pokeballs.
  13. fullyflared

    fullyflared Breed Boi

    I'm looking for a growlithe. Don't care about Evs or anything I just need it with intimidate and fire spin morning sun and if you could put flare blitz crunch heat wave or close combat that would be cool.
    Also the pawniard you have listed id like as well. All I really care for is the egg moves. Don't have to be perfect or anything.

    I can offer whatever I do have some foreign perfect Dittos any nature. And I have a bunch of 4 egg move Pokemon. I do have a magby female in a luxury ball with 4 egg moves
  14. Zold

    Zold Pokémon Breeder

    @fullyflared: I am most interested in foreign perfect Ditto's and could breed the Growlithe and Pawniard for that, if you agree.
  15. fullyflared

    fullyflared Breed Boi

    Well I have all natures foreign and perfect how many do you want? Cause I want a bunch of your stuff actually.
  16. Zold

    Zold Pokémon Breeder

    I'd be interested in all of the following, should you have a lot to order:

    For the last three natures I'm looking for flawless Ditto's however (6IV), I'm not sure if yours are 5IV or 6IV. For the first 4, 5IV is enough.
  17. fullyflared

    fullyflared Breed Boi

    On all they are 6 iv.... I will look at your list of Pokemon and give you all the Dittos you want in return.

    Also just curious about the pricing is it one for one? Meaning 7 Dittos I get 7 Pokemon?
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2016
  18. Zold

    Zold Pokémon Breeder

    I believe it's two for one, so two Pokemon of me for one Ditto.
  19. fullyflared

    fullyflared Breed Boi

    Ralts male
    Ralts female

    Ivs abilities nature none of that is too important to me I just want the egg moves really. Whatever makes it easy for you as far as poke balls.

    Let me know once you're ready. I am gonna be busy next couple days Sunday or Monday I should be ready. I'm in California . Thanks in advanced
  20. Zold

    Zold Pokémon Breeder

    Allrighty, will try to breed them before monday evening :)

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