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Zold's X&Y Breeding Grounds


Well-Known Member
I'm ready to trade for the TSO Pokemon I ordered. I can also offer another 96 BP order, would you be interested in more?


Pokémon Breeder
@Ixeilon: Accepted, the Sneasel could do for a next offer like Elena clarified :)
@TruCalling: Accepted, probaly for the 27th!
@BlueDryBones: Scheduled for 28th!
@Empoleon: Changed it!
@TarTar: Pm'd you!


Hey Whats Up? :)
I'm ready to trade whenever :)


Pokémon Breeder
All the Hoenn cards have been added to the shop! Be sure to check them out :) (Tailow will come as soon as I receive it through trade)
The requests scheduled for today have been finished as well, I will be back in about one hour after which I will be ready for trade.
Thanks to the help of a friend I will also obtain the Oval Charm tonight, which will prove useful while breeding and might help to speed up some requests!


Pokemon Breeder
Got 3 Woobats. 1 Male is reserved and mine will be the one you don't pick. They are all the same 31/x/31/31/31/31 HA w/ the Egg Moves but do you want a Male or a Female?

EDIT: Got a 4th perfect one in my last 4 eggs in my party :3
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Pokemon Breeder
Alright, you can have one of the females. Therefore I still have 1 male and female in stock so I can choose freely and give the other one away in the future since it is a pretty uncommon Pokémon. :)

I finished all my other trade requests for everyone I scheduled except yours. Growlithe and Woobat are done and I will work on Karrablast and Starly the coming Thursday-Sun and should get it done by then.

Also the first post has me listed twice :eek: under 25th and 28th. You can either move all to 28th or just the ones you think will take you longer. Either way is fine with me as I'll hold on to them till your ready. Though you did say you wanted Growlithe before the 23rd.

Its worth noting Karrablast also comes in Brave with 0 Spe as I already have that that spread but I want it with Careful. Though I am also considering Sassy now because that thing isn't gonna outrun anything anyways and maybe its best for a random TR team.


New Member
Trainer Name: DOAflamingo
Interested in: Aron / 31/31/31/xx/31/31
Nature: Impish
Ability: Sturdy
Gender: Pair
PokeBall: Pokeball
EggMoves: Stealth Rock
Nickname: -
Offering: Croagunk pair / Dry Skin / Adamant or Jolly / 31/31/31/xx/31/31 / Drain Punch & Fake Out
Friend Code and In Game Name: Already added
Timezone GMT: GMT


Pokémon Breeder
@DryBones: Allright I'll try and see which date suits best. About the Growlithe, I am a little confused if your offer contained a female as well whether or not. (4IV would also help) As I do need a pair before the 23th xD

@DOAFlamingo: I just Read your PM, will reply in here though. About the offer, I am really interested in Croagunks and accept your offer. Please specify if the Male it's ball and ability are important as well though. Oh and please get caught in a Pokeball yoursef q.q - just kidding. Depending on your reply, we might be able to trade all four Pokemon tommorow :)


Pokémon Breeder
19 November Finished!

All breed requests for today have been finished.
I also added all the remaining Hoenn pictures to the shop.
I aim to add Sinnoh tommorow along with breeding all these genderless requests which are quite hard to breed for me though.
If anyone happens to have a 4IV Ditto, I am greatly interested in those :)

Will be back in 10hours - ciao!


High Five The Sky!!!
Trainer Name: SiLeNtDeViL609
Interested in:Swablu
Nature: Bold
Ability: Natural Cure
Gender: Either. Doesn't Matter
PokeBall: Doesn't Matter (Optional - Will slow down the process)
EggMoves: Roost
Nickname: No nickname
Offering: HA Panpour (With Pokerus), Sliggoo (With Pokerus), Torchic (With Pokerus), Dragonair (With Pokerus), Pancham (With Pokerus), Ivysaur (With Pokerus), Growlithe, Tangela, Swirlix, Poliwhirl, Kirlia, Florette (Red Flower), and Doduo. Also Super-effective berries and a few stat reducing berries.
Friend Code and In Game Name: 3179-7235-3277 Javier
Timezone GMT: UTC-05:00


New Member
Lool. Nah the male pokeball and ability doesn't matter, I dunno why I haven't mentioned that before :p
So do you want an adamant or jolly Croagunk, or both?


Pokemon Breeder
The 5IV Growlithes only came male but as I said before you can have my only 5IV Flash Fire(only has CC and not other 3 egg moves) or 4IV Intimidate Females for free since I'm done breeding them. Just give me any of your breeding rejects for whichever :)


New Member
Trainer Name: dricboylan
Interested in: Mawile
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Intimidate
Gender: ♀
Offering: 30 Heart Scales (We discussed VIA PM)
Friend Code and In Game Name: 3067-5723-4391 / Damon
Timezone GMT: -5GMT


Pokémon Breeder
@SilentDevil: Sorry I do not accept regular Pokemon and I already have those berries.
@DOAFlamingo: Allright will try to get it done today, if you would want the Helioptiles now, just trade me whenever, both natures would be ideal :)
@BlueDryBones: a 4IV Intimidate Female would be nice :)
@Dricboyal: Scheduled for 22 November.
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Pokemon breeder
Hey sorry for this but can you get me the egg move ice fang or thunder fang on the tyrunt if it's possible.


Pokémon Breeder
Got the Oval Charm \o/ hurray! \o/
I updated some cards that had little bugs in them, thanks for reporting these.
The TSO offers on Goomy and Riolu will go down somewhere today, be sure to get them while you still can, I am only accepting a few more offers on them!


Trainer Name: Sugbukz
Interested in: Timid togepi 31/x/31/31/31/31
Nature: timid
Ability: Setene grace
Gender: Either
Nickname: Frenchlick
Offering: Jolly perfect charmander 31/31/31/x/31/31
Friend Code and In Game Name: Alex 4227-2033-7912
Timezone GMT: est