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Zold's X&Y Breeding Grounds


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@TrainerRed: Accepted and ready.
@Dracolosse: Accepted and Ready - one note though, the Mareeps were breed by an IRL friend of mine, but I am not sure if I can ask him to nickname it before tonight. You can go for a White Herb*3, Power Herb*3 and Ring Target*2, Red Card *1, Iron Ball *1, Wide Lens *1 for all four of them. (4x 96bp)


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Trainer Name: DarkUmbra
Interested in: Corphish [TSO] (nicknamed Furcifer)
Offer: 5IV Timid Houndour
Flash Fire w/Nasty Plot
Or equivalent BP (48 or 96?)
Friend Code and In Game Name: IGN: Jonesy - 1478-4321-4507


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Oh sorry for forgot to tell you that for the new one i will trade it tomorrow. For now i just have bp for the 2 that i already request.
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Trainer Name: Charlessss
Interested in: Togepi, Honedge(Female), Goomy(Female), Fletching(TSO)(Male), Snover(Male)
Nature: Timid, Brave, Sassy, Adamant, Brave
Ability: Serene Grace, No Guard, Sap Sipper, Gale Wings, Snow Warning
Gender: Male, Female, Female, Male, Snover
PokeBall: Pokeball, Luxury Ball, Heal Ball, Pokeball, Premier Ball
EggMoves: None
Nickname: Default
Offering: Shiny Adamant Honedge 20/31/31/20+/31/31
Friend Code and In Game Name: 3952-7682-8863/Charles
Timezone GMT: GMT+5:00


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@DarkUmbra: Already own a Houndour I am afraid, Corphish is not on TSO so BP won't work in this case.
@Charless: Accepted, probaly for 27 December!


Everything stays.
Hey there Zold! I think I should do a proper request this time! :D
Format for TSO Requests:
Trainer Name: The Prince of May
Interested in: Modest Larvesta (male).
Offer: Modest female Magic Guard Cleffa in a Heal Ball having the 31/xx/31/31/31/31 IV spread + my Clamperl donation. :p
Friend Code and In Game Name: 0946 - 3595 - 9036 / Max.

No rush, I have all my time!
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@ThePrinceOfMay: Ah, I'll get to the Modest one tommorow or Friday! And Thanks for the donation :)
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Price Update:
Thanks to a huge donation of Elena90, worlds most generous cuttlecup, genderless Pokemon (except for Magnemite who runs HP) now have a price of '1' as well. For any previously ordered genderless Pokemon that have not been traded or finished yet, you can add a TSO Pokemon to your request!

Thanks again Elena, and feel free to spend your credits anytime you like!
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Pokémon Breeder
18 December: Finished
All breed requests for today have been finished!
As mentioned above, thanks to the donation of Elena, genderless Pokemon now also cost '1' instead of '2'.

With Christmas closing in on us, who knows what more surprises we can expect in the upcoming weeks ;D
Sweet dreams!


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I ordered a genderless Rotom, now I can order one more Pokemon, right? :D
If possible, I can take the Houndour without the Hidden Power Ice, and just add a Jolly Male Ralts with Telepathy (HA) and any applicable egg move (Shadow Sneak mainly, not a must though).
Consider that the difference in the price of ordered Rotom!
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Everything stays.
@Zold: Would you mind if the ability of the Cleffa I put off in offer was Cute Charm ? Because, at the moment, I only seem to get males Magic Guard or females Cute Charm...


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Trainer Name: Keith
Interested In: Rotom (read bottom please)
Nature: Modest
Ability: Levitate
Gender: N/a
Nickname: DryWashPls
Offering: 31/xx/31/31/31/31 JAPANESE Modest male Eevee w/ Charm and Covet
31/31/31/xx/31/0 Relaxed Male Pineco w/ Stealth Rocks and Toxic Spikes
Friend Code and IGN: 2509-2452-1405 Keith
Timezone: GMT-5
My fc is 2509 2452 1405
(If the genderless trade reduction pricing applies here i'd like to also include
Modest Static 31/xx/31/31/31/31 Mareep as well but i'd understand if that deal doesn't work out)


Pokémon Breeder
@Mondblack: Allright I changed that.
@The Prince Of May: Any ability is fine :)
@TrainerRed: 3x Weakness Policy and 3x Power Herb
@Bestias: With some luck, I can get it done today.


New Member
Trainer Name: pokefree
Interested in: HP Fire Magnemite
Nature: Modest
Ability: Sturdy or Magnet Pull
Gender: Genderless
PokeBall: n/a
EggMoves: n/a
Nickname: Crysis²
Offering: Leaf Guard Roselia (for Technican Roserade huehuehue) 31/xx/31/31/31/31
(NOTE: I got many other Pokemon, too, but it looked like i had to choose one here :))
Friend Code and In Game Name: 0447-6255-3647 IGN Marc
Timezone GMT: GMT+1


Pokémon Breeder
@ PokeFree, for Magnemite the following two pricing rules apply:
- Hidden Power breeding on genderless Pokemon and broken genders (that favor the price towards the customer) will firstly increase the price by +1.
- Hidden Power breeding multiplies the price by 2.

Making his price a total of 4, as such I can't accept your offer I am afraid!


Everything stays.
@The Prince Of May: Any ability is fine :)

Alright then! You can always leave me a message when you're ready to trade! Cleffa and Clamperl are hastily waiting for a new home! :p


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Trainer Name: TehSpiral
Interested in: Machop
Offer: 96BP
Friend Code and In Game Name: Cyril, 3738-0723-5498


New Member
Any idea when you will finish my request?
I'm just asking coz I'm out and wondering whether I'll take a hotspot device or no.