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Zold's X&Y Breeding Grounds


New Member
Trainer Name: jvillene
Interested in: Phanpy, Cottonee, and Phione
Gender: Either
Nature: Any
Ability: Phanpy- HA sand veil, Cottonee- prankster, Phione-Any
PokeBall: Any
EggMoves: Egg moves as stated in forum
Nickname: None

Offer: 5IV Cyndaquil with egg moves (male), 5 IV Totodile with egg moves, and Rattata
Friend Code: 1263-5893-9762
In Game Name: John
Timezone GMT: 3 pm - 3 am MST


Pokémon Breeder
@Chestank: Thanks for your offer! Spikes is viable, and will be on. I have scheduled it for 23 Jan!
@jvillene: I am afraid I already got a Cyndaquil and Totodile coming up. I am interested in a 5IV Rattata however.


Pokemon Breeder
Hey Zold. Wondering if you have any interest in a new Abra.

Just bred after 2 days of work:
Timid Magic Guard Abra 31/30/30/31/31/31 (F) (+Barrier, Encore, Guard Swap, Psycho Shift)

Amazingly this was my first 5IV one turned out to be a flawless Hidden Power and female which is really lucky for me.

The egg moves are for very situational circumstances HP Ice is to hit the 4x weak Dragons harder than Dazzling Gleam. Since you already have one if I get another perfect female (I want to keep this one) since I got a 1/24 chance of getting a perfect female would you be interested? Only looking for something with a value of 1 as as said before you already have it. They are in Quick Balls and they might not be as difficult to breed anyways. I don't get many females though so if you also have a female Abra already Quick Balled if your fine with male as well let me know. Also can do perfect male+imperfect female if ok with you as well as it may make it a bit easier for me to move on towards finishing more of my leftover projects for more box space.

If not interested its fine just thinking on whether or not you want to add something to Abra :)

EDIT: Just got a 31/30/30/31/31/31 Male as well luckily for me. That's the one I'll be using competitively. Also a potential new father to get eggs faster.
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Pokemon Hunter
Trainer Name: Asriel
Interested in: noibat
Gender: any
Nature: timid
Ability: infiltrator
PokeBall: any
EggMoves: switcheroo

Offer: 5iv jolly krabby
Friend Code: [1779-0701-8751]
In Game Name: aqil
Timezone GMT: GMT + 0

Dew Watatsumi

Water Type E-3
Trainer Name: Jesse
Interested in: Pumpkaboo (Super)
Gender: Female
Nature: Impish
Ability: Frisk
PokeBall: Any
EggMoves: Destiny Bond, Disable
Nickname: Jack (if Male) Marceline (if Female)

Offer: Cacnea
Friend Code: Pokémon X (3DS) FC: 1332-8918-6873
In Game Name: Jesse
Timezone GMT: [GMT -6 ]


It's a mystery.
I recently got all my breeding necessities (and I decided to put my Eevee project on hold for the time being)... but due to college, I'm likely to get these done by next weekend, if you're alright with that. Because I have a three day weekend coming up, I've got some free time to get as much out of the way. In the meantime, I'll go ahead and post my request.

Trainer Name: lightlanayru
Interested in:
- Magnemite [31/x/31/30/31/30 for HP Fire]
- Onix [31/31/31/x/31/0]
- Phione [31/x/31/31/31/31]
- Solosis [31/x/31/31/31/0]
Gender: ♂ (Onix); ♀ (Solosis) [Magnemite/Phione are genderless.]
Nature: Modest (Magnemite); Sassy (Onix); Bold (Phione); Quiet (Solosis)
Ability: Magnet Pull (Magnemite); Sturdy (Onix); Hydration (Phione); Magic Guard (Solosis)
PokeBall: Doesn't matter for all of them.
EggMoves: None.
Nickname: None for all.
Offer: Breeding pairs of the following...
- Caterpie: Both Timid nature; Shield Dust (♂) and Run Away (♀); both 31/x/31/31/31/31 IVs [in Net Ball]
- Chinchou: Modest (♂) and Calm (♀) nature; both with Volt Absorb; both 31/x/31/31/31/31 IVs; Egg Move: Soak [in Dive Ball]
- Surskit: Both Timid nature; both with Swift Swim; both 31/x/31/31/31/31 IVs; Egg Move: Hydro Pump [in Dive Ball]
- Carvanha: Modest (♂) and Adamant (♀) nature; both with Speed Boost; 31/x/31/31/31/31 IVs and 31/31/31/x/31/31 IVs respectively; Egg Move(s): Hydro Pump, Destiny Bond [in PokeBall]
Friend Code: You already have me added~ :3
In Game Name: Tricia
Timezone GMT: GMT -8 [Pacific Standard Time]

In case you're wondering about the Soak egg move on Chinchou, while I haven't personally tried this yet, it's very viable. Using Soak on a non-Water type or any pokes with immunity/resistance to electric attacks, followed by STAB Thunderbolt/Discharge. It's moreso used on a utility set for Lanturn, though.
And I honestly wish the Carvanha would be in a more decent kind of Pokeball, but the one my boyfriend used originally for breeding (in which he traded to me), it's a 4 IV female Korean one in a Pokeball. Hopefully, this might suffice otherwise.

I apologize if all this might be a lot. xD But feel free to take as much time as you need, because as stated, I'll have my offers done by next weekend at the latest. (Plus, weekends would be best for me to trade with you anyway, due to the nine hour difference.)

And for whenever the Love Ball Buneary is available, I will likely post a future request on that.

Thanks in advance~ ^^


Pokémon Breeder
@BlueDryBones: Male works perfect for me (in fact I prefer it) feel free to make an order :)
@Asriel: Offer and order accepted for 23Jan. If it has a special ball I would prefer female, if not I prefer male.
@Dew: Hmm, I assume it's an IV bred right? If you could post the Spread, Nature, Ball and Egg Moves that would help a little for me to decide (if possible) on the gender. In any case, if it is IV Bred I accept your offer I will wait with scheduling it till conformation though.
@Lightlanayru: No worries, the schedule is quite full atm, so your request will take up untill 25 January. (Scheduling 2 days for it) I accept the order and offer like we discussed before :) The Pokeball is perfectly okay, as my main goal is to complete the IV Bred Pokedex in whatever ball, fancy stuff comes after that in priority ^^. I have finished the breed request for the Buneary, waiting eagerly for the trade myself as well xD
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Pokémon Breeder
15 January Finished:
All breed requests for today have been finished!

Some small additions:
- Yamask can now be ordered
- Pinsir can now be ordered with Moxie and in a Nest ball
- Cleffa can now be ordered with Belly Drum

I have also updated the Coming Soon, the Incoming by Offers and the Pokemon I still need lists. I am quite excited about the many different species coming up by offers soon :) I will try to get the requests done as fast as possible, so hopefully things can speed up a little.

That's all for today!


Strong Winds
Staff member
Super Mod
Trainer Name: Psynergy
Interested in: Rotom [31/X/31/31/31/31]
Gender: Genderless
Nature: Modest
Ability: Levitate
PokeBall: Poke Ball like I have an option with most of these
EggMoves: None
Nickname: No nickname

Offer: Bouffalant [Adamant with 31/31/31/X/31/31]; not sure if you consider Reckless or Sap Sipper more viable for it, so I'll leave that up to you if you have a preference. It's in a Quick Ball, but it's male. Not sure if the Poke Ball is still relevant to you but I figure I'd mention it.
Friend Code: 0447-5370-2025
In Game Name: Gustavo
Timezone GMT: GMT -8 [Pacific Standard Time]

I'm not usually a fan of looking for stuff in trade shops, but this shop looks more than promising. I hate IV breeding for genderless Pokemon, so I may as well ask, right? If you aren't interested, though, that's perfectly fine.
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Pokemon Breeder
Trainer Name: BlueDryBones1
Interested in: Archen, Frillish, Clefairy
Gender: Male, Male, Female
Nature: Jolly, Bold, Bold
Ability: Defeatist, Water Absorb, Magic Guard
PokeBall: Poke Ball, Dive Ball, Heal Ball
EggMoves: Defog/Knock Off/Head Smash/Switcheroo (again only whatever is possible), Ones in the picture, Ones in the picture
Nickname: ???, ???, ???

Brave Rock Head Sudowoodo (F) (+Curse, Defense Curl, Roll-Out, Stealth Rock) - 5IV Female -Nest Ball-
Jolly Rock Head Relicanth (+Aqua Tail, Amnesia, Skull Bash, Zen Headbutt) - 4IV Female + 5IV Male (unless no need b/c Ditto) -Dive Ball-
Modest Swift Swim Psyduck (+Clear Smog, Confuse Ray, Hypnosis, Mud Bomb) 5IV Female -Quick Ball *if lucky*- Hidden Power Electric or Grass
Timid Magic Guard Abra (+Barrier, Encore, Guard Swap, Psycho Shift) 5IV Male (x or 31 attack)

Status: Offer Accepted
Progress: Pending - Probaly done 22 January
External Breeder for Frillish: CameraFan

Also added the Psyduck I said about in the PM as don't know if you got that I was interested in Clefairy. I'll try to get the Quick Ball but if I cant I'll let you know.

Also as for Abra I got a 31/31/30/31/31/31 male. Would you prefer that so you don't have to go to the Battle Institute as you'll know it didn't pass the attack once you see the attack isn't 31 meaning you know it passed the Def if you don't see Def or attack when you breed with a 6IV Ditto(if you have one) I usually use those particular spreads when I breed HPs. Either 31 or 0 so I know whether or not the unwanted stat passed from IV Judge cutting checking time.

Before I list what I want for Abra, do you have a high level Scraggy? Around Lv 48ish. I really want to make a Jolly SubPunch Charizard with the EM your Charmander has but with Focus Punch instead of Dragon Pulse. Doesn't have many matching balls so whatever it comes in is fine with me but if you can ball it then go with whatever you believe is the most fitting to you.

If you don't have said Scraggy to pass FP it may take you a while to get it. I can then change my offer to something else that you can get any additional egg moves easily.
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Pokémon Breeder
@Psynergy: Offer and order accepted. Scheduled for 24 January. I would prefer Sap Sipper :)
@BlueDryBones: Any IV on ATT is fine :) I do have Scraggy's. Raising the level only take one RLW run which is something I do quite ocasionally for Egg Moves. Everything okay to add the Psyduck and Clefairy btw?


Dragon Tamer
Trainer Name: Biahhhhhhhhhhhh
Interested in: Ferroseed 31/31/31/xx/31/0 and Squirtle 31/xx/31/31/31/31
Gender: Female and male
Nature: Relaxed and modest
Ability: Iron barbs and Rain dish
PokeBall: Any ball for ferroseed and for squirtle dive ball
EggMoves: Ferroseed { Spikes}{Stealth Rock}{leech seed} Squirtle {Water spout} {Aura sphere}{Dragon pulse}
Nickname: None

Offer: Emolga 31/xx/31/31/31/31 timid motor drive Blitzle 31/xx/31/31/31/31 timid lightning rod
Friend Code: 1349-6363-3679
In Game Name: Delilah
Timezone GMT: GMT - 6
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Pokémon Breeder
Order accepted! Probaly for 24 January!

- Are you sure you want Vullaby Bold, you also mentioned Knock Off, that's why I wonder if you wouldn't prefer Impish, please let me know soon.
- Would you prefer modest or timid for Horsea?
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Pokemon Breeder
@Psynergy: Offer and order accepted. Scheduled for 24 January. I would prefer Sap Sipper :)
@BlueDryBones: Any IV on ATT is fine :) I do have Scraggy's. Raising the level only take one RLW run which is something I do quite ocasionally for Egg Moves. Everything okay to add the Psyduck and Clefairy btw?

Alright, in that case both Sudowoodo and Abra are finished both Female and Male respectively. Currently working on Psyduck. I decided for my own personal Psyduck I'm gonna make it Cloud Nine due to being able to ignore rock type defense boosts in Sandstorms and hit Fire types through Sunny day harder in theory doing very good against mega Charizard Y due to weakening its Fire Blast and nerfing its Solarbeam back to 2 turns. I can Quick Ball Cloud nine but unfortunately spent 2 hours through hordes didn't find any HA Psyduck(only using Entrainment on females) I did find a Infiltrator Hoppip though on the same route which I caught in a Nest ball but that is for another day.

If you want something like a pair such as 5IV SS male/female and 4IV CN Quick Ball female let me know as I can just throw the CN female for free and you can use the SS male as the father if you ever want to hunt for a SS female in hordes and can use Ditto till then. The SS one will have 30 SpA in a 31/x/31/30/31/31 spread and the Cloud Nine one will have a 4IV spread w/ or w/o it. If you want to change something in the Psyducks let me know.

And yes I did want to include Psyduck for a Clefairy.

Updated order(offers and rest is in above post):

Trainer Name: BlueDryBones1
Interested in: Archen, Frillish, Clefairy, Charmander
Gender: Male, Male, Female, Male
Nature: Jolly, Bold, Bold, Jolly
Ability: Defeatist, Water Absorb, Magic Guard, Blaze
PokeBall: Poke Ball, Dive Ball, Heal Ball, Any
EggMoves: Defog/Knock Off/Head Smash/Switcheroo (again only whatever is possible), Ones in the picture, Ones in the picture, Focus Punch/Outrage/Dragon Dance/Crunch
Nickname: ???, ???, ???, ???
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Elite Four No. 3
Offer: Zygarde
Gender - N/A
Ability - Aura Break
Ball - Dusk Ball
Nature - Careful
IVs - 31/31/24/x/31/31
Egg Moves - N/A
Nickname - Zygarde
Friend Code: 4313 - 0474 - 2822
In Game Name: Noel
Timezone GMT: GMT

Are you interested?


Pokémon Breeder
@Blue-Dry-Bones: If you have spare Psyducks, why not xD I have split your requests in half btw, so I can schedule them seperately :)
@Mega-Absol: Assuming it's uncloned and all, yeah. It would be worth 3 Pokemon to me.


Pokémon Breeder
16 January Finished
All breed requests for today have been finished!
In addition to this, the Riolu, Frillish and Phanpy that were scheduled for later this week have also been finished early thanks to external breeding.

With some new space in the schedule, I will try to reschedule things to speed up the process next Saturday, although it's quite busy, I hope things can get done a little faster! See ya on the next full moon!


Pokemon Breeder
@Blue-Dry-Bones: If you have spare Psyducks, why not xD I have split your requests in half btw, so I can schedule them seperately :)
@Mega-Absol: Assuming it's uncloned and all, yeah. It would be worth 3 Pokemon to me.

That's fine, I'll be patient as I know you got a lot more orders to fill.

I already got a 31/x/31/30/31/31 Male and female with Swift Swim and Hidden Power Grass. Which gender would you prefer for the Swift Swim one? Now I'm going for the Quick Ball Cloud 9 one. I'll put one of the 4IV females to the side for you once I get one.


Elite Four No. 3
It's not cloned. Just caught it today.

Trainer Name: Mega-Absol
Interested in: Eevee (Sylveon)/Ferroseed/Phantump
Gender: All female where appropriate
Nature: Bold/Relaxed/Adamant
Ability: Anticipation/Iron Barbs/Harvest
PokeBall: Any
EggMoves: As listed for all
Nickname: N/A


I leik Pokemon
Hey Zold, here's my formal request for the Pokemon you wanted. My next project is a Bold Sigilyph with Stored Power and Psycho Shift. Would you be interested in one?

Trainer Name: PokePnguin
Interested in: Natu, Vullaby
Gender: Male, Female
Nature: Bold, Careful
Ability: Magic Bounce, Overcoat
PokeBall: Doesn't Matter for Natu and Dusk for Vullaby (whatever's on the card)
EggMoves: The ones on the card
Nickname: None

Offer: Female Jolly Skorupi in Dusk Ball with Whirlwind, Night Slash, and Slash; Female Jolly Chlorophyll Sewaddle in Nest Ball
Friend Code: 2079-6763-2506
In Game Name: Harsal
Timezone GMT: GMT -8