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Zoroark & Gengar (Future Uber tier?)

Discussion in 'Older Gens' started by Lucario0708, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. Lucario0708

    Lucario0708 Destiny Combining...

    So, anyway, with Zoroark's illusion ability able to play mind games on the opponent, we're able to use gengar as our last pokemon so as to trick people into using psychic type moves, to find no effect, at this time zoroark would've already set up, and considering it can outspeed most of the 5th gen pokemon, would take out the opposing side fairly quickly.

    What I am saying is, this matchup is extremely powerful and mind-boggling (literally) so, is it worthy of becoming Uber Tier because of this? or will it just stay OU?
  2. Blue Harvest

    Blue Harvest Banned

    Zoroark isn't Uber. Its not OU either. lol, its not even UU.

    Hes kind of sneaky and once in a while might get a kill but he can't switch in at all and due to the common team preview Zoroark's disguise isn't enough to save him.
  3. PokemonOwn

    PokemonOwn Well-Known Member

    Zoroark is too frail for Ubers. Try fighting a Zoroark against a Zekrom. It just wouldn't work. Sure, it's fast, but just not bulky enough.
  4. Final

    Final I Submit to No One

    How well a Pokemon performs in Ubers does not make a Pokemon Uber. It is how dangerous they are in standard play. Not that I'm saying Zoroark or Gengar should be Uber or anything.
  5. Gengar isn't a good partner, anyways. Once your opponent sees that your "Gengar" gets hurt by Spikes or poisoned by Toxic Spikes, they'll know it's a Zoroark. Infernape, for one, makes a much better partner.

    Trust me, people have suggested this same match up before. If it were truly broken, it would have been suspected or banned by now.
  6. Kyrix

    Kyrix Glitch Hunting Freak

    Most importantly, you gotta remember, Wifi in B/W allows you to see your opponent's full team before a battle, so if a combination like "Zoroark + Gengar" ever became so huge as to break the metagame, people could just look at the top screen of their DS and predict the combination so hard that it'd be gross to witness.

    It's kinda reminds me of the Swiftswim + Dizzle Politoad "discussions" (and I use that term lightly) going on over at Smogon, Ubering a pokemon based on its use in one situation, a situation that most people should have a counter for anyway (I.E. ANY weather effect or bulky pokemon that don't rely on speed).
  7. Darkmaster Rannon

    Darkmaster Rannon Thundercats Hoo!

    Except Zoroark can't take a tackle from a caterpie and will die to anything faster than it. Zoroark will never be anything close to Ubers, or Lucario for that matter. Zoroark will just be that cute little gimmick that screws you up every once in awhile because you forgot it was on your opponent's team and accidently threw a psychic at it, thinking it was a hitmontop.
  8. kaiser soze

    kaiser soze Reading ADWD

    its a gimmick, and it could give you a free turn. worth it in uber? prob not. its fine where it is.
  9. LuitentantDan

    LuitentantDan Member

    Zoroark just doesn't have the stats to get kicked out of OU. Sure, its fast and can boost its stats to ungodly levels, but anything with half decent priority can KO it no problem.
  10. Nijaskills

    Nijaskills Well-Known Member

    It also isn't really all that fast. Base 105 gets beaten by 2/3 genies, Gengar, Starmie, the fighting trio/quad, Jolteon, anything with a scarf, and many, many other things. Although I agree Gengar and Zoroark is a decent combination for tricking people (just avoid spikes/toxic spikes), it is by no means game-breaking.
  11. Arsène

    Arsène Well-Known Member

    Apparently most of the posters in this thread pair Zoroark with obvious Pokemon in attempt to utilize it's Illusion, without realizing that's not how you play a spy or a trickster role.

    STAB Sucker Punch and perfect coverage isn't a joke, guys. Especially with access to Swords Dance and Nasty Plot (I prefer the former), I'm fairly sure you could find great opportunities to bluff a fearsome sweeper to get at least one of them in. 40 attack EVs on a Naive nature and Life Orb OHKO's (factoring in Rocks as well) the likes of Gengar, Latios, Azelf, Starmie and dents a few others I'm lazy to mention. May the good lord save you all if it's +2.

    Dark typing hasn't been the most defensive typing in the world, so why the complaining?

    ...But NU/UU? That metagame would be ripped to shreds and I'm fairly sure a few of you know it. It's a pity people don't use it enough to see the amazing potential it has in OU. Players need to use this guy more elaborately.
  12. 123fakestreet

    123fakestreet Metalopolis King

    I was on po once and I paired zoroark shedinja. (Made sure to use rapid so it really looked like I was bringing in shedinja. I used an sd set since shedinja also gets that and the move he used to hit "shedinja" with was hex so I nabbed a second sd and finished him. That my friends is a good way to use zoroark. SD ftw!!
  13. kaiser soze

    kaiser soze Reading ADWD

    shedninja could be a more appropriate illusion. could buy yourself an extra move if they dont have something to hit it
  14. windsong

    windsong WEST SIDE

    I don't think i've ever faced a legitimately good opponent who's used a Zoroark since the very beginning of BW.
  15. 123fakestreet

    123fakestreet Metalopolis King

    Wouldn't surprise me. He takes careful planning to use properly.
  16. Pseudo-Unlegendary

    Pseudo-Unlegendary I be an Exotic One

    In theory, you can do this with any poison or fighting type pokemon so I doubt this combo alone will force either into Uber.
  17. LuitentantDan

    LuitentantDan Member

    Zoroark is situational. He has uses, but more often than not he'll probably be the slack on the team.
  18. Marro

    Marro Double Team Trainer

    Umbreon is pretty bulky... I would prefer him over Zoroark
  19. Arsène

    Arsène Well-Known Member

    Obviously, there are exceptions. But the majority of Dark types don't have the greatest defenses.
  20. Blue Harvest

    Blue Harvest Banned

    Are you talking from experience or from theory? Zoroark makes a terrible Swords Dancer. It has far less damage potential than Weavile and it even has worse defenses. STAB Sucker Punch isn't a joke but it is highly predictable and easy to work around.

    Its UU / LU because people don't use it. Its not banned from either tier either because Zoroark isn't very good lol.

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