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Zoroark: Master of Illusions (M13)

Discussion in 'Pokémon The Movies' started by Serebii, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    Phantom Champion Zoroark

    Ash & Co. enter Crown City to watch the special event "Pokémon Backer World Cup" where they meet up with the Pokémon Zorua. Zorua is searching for its friend and so Ash & Co. decide to assist Zorua in finding it. However, they soon find that Zoroark is attacking the city while posing as Raikou, Entei & Suicune. However, to top things off, Celebi returns to Crown City after 20 years but peril draws near for it...

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  2. Devastator2000

    Devastator2000 Are you high...?

    Something tells me this is another Generic Pokemon movie.
    Although the sad parts are quite nice, Those japs know how to make things sad...:/
  3. Beeblebrox

    Beeblebrox Well-Known Member

    Wow, that one guy has a Koromori hat. Stealth 5th Gen appearance!
  4. Ash-kid

    Ash-kid Ash-kid

    Good movie, seeing Jimmy with Donphan was very nice.
    The end is amazing too, with Celebi saving the day. And good to see Zoroark and Zorua in this movie.
  5. Steelia

    Steelia forever.

    Looking forward to the movie, though WPM ripped this a (semi-)new one. Shame. Zoroark looks far more interesting in this movie than Lucario was in his; I'm hoping to actually shed something of a tear this time.

    ...I'm afraid Arceus has nothing to do with this discussion.
  6. A_Merry_Snowrunt

    A_Merry_Snowrunt Ice Ice Snowrunt!

    Oh the ending credits. I love it!
  7. ShinyVaati

    ShinyVaati 100% Rebel Time Lord

    I've finished watching this movie and I have to say, I didn't think it was nearly as bad as some people were making it out to be (it was far better than Movie 12, which I didn't really like all too much).

    I had heard the main complaint was that it focused too much on the antagonist, Koudai. This is true, pretty much the entire movie is centered around him, but honestly, this didn't bother me all too much. It was a nice change from the rest of the movies where it was always just about whatever central Pokemon happened to be in it. And Koudai was a good enough villian, no crazy plans or motifs. He just wanted power and fame and would do anything to get it.

    Probably what I liked most about this movie was all the Pokemon that were showcased: Entei, Suicune, Raikou, Celebi, Zorua, and Zoroark. However, how little screen time and influence the Beast Trio had is my main complaint. They really didn't do anything. You could take them out of the movie and all you'd be missing is some quick action shots. But Zorua is absolutely adorable, I loved every minute of it.

    I also enjoyed the movie's characters. As I said, I liked Koudai for the villian. Kurt and Rioka were nice "side heroes" so to speak. I was disappointed that Proof did literally nothing though. She's only there in the beginning, then she totally disappears until the credits. Bit of wasted space to be honest.

    The animation was wonderful as it usually is in these movies and the music was nice for the most part (I loved Celebi's theme in this). I loved in the credits how they showcased all the of DP's major characters (giving Zoey and Paul their own little scenes as well) and the Sinnoh Gym Leaders and Elite Four.

    Overall, its a pretty decent Pokemon movie. Not the best, far from the worst, and a nice finisher to the Diamond and Pearl series.
    I now eagerly await the dub!
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2010
  8. Hyper Tails

    Hyper Tails Power of Seven Chaos

    My biggest complaint about the movie is the fact that Zoroark spent half the movie sitting in a cage. They really could have done so much more with her.. They could've showcased the Illusion abilities with her a bit more, rather than rely on Zorua's comedic transformations.
  9. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I had pre-ordered the 13th Movie DVD a while ago, and it finally arrived yesterday afternoon. I was so excited about watching it, but I was busy with something else so I didn't watch it until this morning. I have to admit that it was well worth the wait. I think Movie 13 is my favorite Pokemon movie since Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. I loved the new Pokemon like Zorua and Zoroark, since Zorua is a cute little fox Pokemon and Zoroark is fierce mother fox Pokemon. I also loved the new characters like Kurt the reporter and the villain of the movie, Kodai. Seeing Celebi again was a real treat, as was seeing Shiny versions of the Johto Beast trio. I think the best aspect of this movie was the awesome animation and the amazing soundtrack. I mean, everything looked and sounded perfect in this film. Even though the movie was in Japanese and I don't understand the language all-that well, I decided to type up a full review of the movie since it's really cool. Ok then, here we go. I really liked the opening footage in this film. All of the Pokemon films have nice opening footage, but I think I enjoyed this film's opening footage a bit more since it showed a lot of the Legendary Pokemon together, then the Sea Pokemon, and so on. It then had a cool little scene showing Ethan from Pokemon HG/SS! Or was it Jimmy? Ah, same thing. That was the highlight of the opening footage as he sent out his Donphan to battle against Ash's Pikachu. Donphan used Rollout and Pikachu used Iron Tail, and this scene reminded me a lot of the opening footage from Movie 1. Seeing Ash, Dawn, Brock, and their Pokemon was also cool. The movie finally started with Ash, Dawn, and Brock all arriving at a Pokemon Center in some town. They were showing some sport called Pokemon Baccers on the TV there, and it looked a lot like soccer for Pokemon haha. As Ash and friends watched the intense game, we got our first shot of Team Rocket spying on them. You know, typical Team Rocket stuff. The TV then showed a commercial advertising Crown City and it showed the Johto Beast trio, and a man named Kodai. Ash got excited, and just then Nurse Joy showed up and she starting talking to them. Brock did his usual flirting, so Croagunk had to put him in his place. Ash then decided that they should go to Crown City to check out the Pokemon Baccers tournament. Meanwhile, on an airship at night, we got to see our first glimpse of Zoroark as she was sleeping. Then Zorua appeared out of Zoroark's mane and it looked so cute! It was cuddling with its mother until a door opened and Raikou, Suicune, and Entei appeared. I was wondering what that was about, just as Zoroark seemed to get ready for battle. We then got to see Kodai again, as he was observing the action from a room above with his assistant.

    Seeing him there with a malicious look on his face made me suspect that he was the villain in this movie. Down below, Raikou growled at Zoroark and then Zorua growled back like it was going to fight too. Luckily, Zoroark put Zorua back into its mane and Zorua was safe from harm. Kodai then spoke and Zoroark transformed into Raikou. I guess that was its Illusion ability. It then created thunderclouds which scared Kodai's assistant, but it seemed to all be an illusion as well. A guy told Kodai that they were approaching Crown City, and the Beast trio disappeared. It looks like they were just holograms or something. A Ninjask appeared and while lasers paralyzed Zoroark, it took Zorua away to another room! Zoroark was mad, but it all seemed like part of Kodai's evil plan. Meanwhile, Zoroark managed to break free from Ninjask and it broke through a vent and made it to another area of the airship. A Scizor appeared and I was worried about Zorua for a second. However, Zorua used its Illusion ability and transformed into a Scizor. The real Scizor was confused, and Zorua managed to get away from it and transform back to its original form so that it could escape through another vent. That guy from before noticed it via a security camera though. Zorua made it out of the airship, but the wind was too much for it and Zorua couldn't hang on so it was swept away into the sky. I was worried that it wouldn't survive the fall, but it fell on a passing Skiploom and as it bounced off, Zorua transformed into a Skiploom itself. I noticed two things then: 1) Zorua can only transform into Pokemon that it has recently seen and 2) When Zorua transforms into a Pokemon, it has this weird little grin on its face haha. Anyway, Zorua floated down to earth. Back at the airship, Kodai appeared and we saw that other guy again. His name was Goon apparently, and he owned the Ninjask and Scizor. Despite Zorua having escaped, Kodai didn't seem worried and as they got closer to Crown City, he seemed to be focused on his goal: the “ripple of time“. Near some trees somewhere, a distorted hole appeared in the air and Celebi appeared and it started to fly around in the night sky. After the title animation sequence, we got to see Ash and friends traveling through a dark forest at night while on their way to Crown City. As they walked, they ran into some Beautifly and as they continued on, we saw Team Rocket tracking them from above on a Yanmega aircraft haha. Suddenly, Zorua (disguised as Skiploom) landed on James and Meowth's heads and it was giggling. Seeing Team Rocket almost fall over was funny to see. Zorua crashed into a Vigoroth in the forest below, and it transformed back into its original form. Several Vigoroth attacked it, but Pikachu sensed the trouble and it let Ash know about it.

    Ash and friends arrived at the scene and Ash sent out Infernape while Dawn sent out Mamoswine. After Piplup made a fool of itself, the Vigoroth lost interest and they fled. Zorua was saved! Ash and friends approached it, but Zorua said it wasn't supposed to talk to humans or something. Ash and friends were surprised that Zorua could communicate via telepathy, and Zorua giggled. I loved Zorua's voice since it sounded like a little boy. Zorua looked at the city in the distance, and Brock identified it as Crown City. Zorua wanted to go there to find its "Maa", so it went with Ash and his group. Zorua then transformed into Ash, and Ash was surprised. Zorua's transformations were flawed though, since Zorua retained a tail while it was in human form haha. Pikachu pulled it, and Zorua turned back to normal, then it changed into a Pikachu too. Somewhere near water, Kodai's airship was docked and a door opened to let Zoroark out. Kodai showed it footage of Zorua trapped in a cage, and Zoroark was angry. It appeared that Kodai was "blackmailing" Zoroark so that it would work for him. Zoroark then disappeared into the trees. Kodai then announced that it was "showtime" and several camera-planes left the airship, apparently to film something. The next morning, Celebi was flying around Crown City, greeting several Pokemon at a time. Crown City looked pretty old, but it was very pretty too. An old lady was watering her flowers with her Tangrowth, and a girl approached her and started dancing. That was random! The lady saw Celebi pass by, and she was stunned. She rushed to tell an old man about it, and both cried tears of joy. We saw Team Rocket sleeping in some tree, just as a clock tolled and Zoroark jumped off the clock tower. Team Rocket saw it, just before it used Night Burst to cause a giant shockwave that blasted several people back. Zoroark remembered Kodai's orders and it transformed into Suicune! It then caused a giant wave of water to go crashing through the streets of Crown City as the camera-planes recorded it. Zoroark then transformed into Entei. As it ran, a trail of fire followed behind it and everyone nearby started running as Kodai observed. The old man and woman from before appeared again and they saw Entei. Kodai's assistant appeared on TV and Kodai appeared as well to explain the situation. He informed people that Zoroark was involved in the destruction of the city. Zoroark transformed into Raikou and it climbed the clock tower and created tons of thunderclouds. Lightning started to appear in the skies, and people started to flee again. Meanwhile, in some forest area somewhere else, a Shiny Suicune was seen. It sensed something and it ran somewhere. I was curious as to where it was planning to go. It seemed like even Pokemon were running away from the city.

    We then saw some snowy mountains and a Shiny Entei looking out into the distance. Entei let out a bark and it left running, just like the Shiny Suicune. Hmm. In Crown City, more Pokemon were fleeing or else hiding, and then we got a scene showing some other mountains and a Shiny Raikou barking from a peak. Wow, all three Shiny Johto Beasts! Outside of Crown City, Officer Jenny and other police officers had closed the city off after evacuating the citizens and drawing the bridges around the perimeter. Wow, things must have been really serious. Ash, Dawn, and Brock ran through the crowd and they encountered Officer Jenny by the city's edge. Brock flirted once again haha. Officer Jenny then told them that the city was closed because of Zoroark, Raikou, Entei, and Suicune's attacks. The dancing girl appeared and Ash asked if the Baccers tournament had been affected, but Officer Jenny assured them that things would be ok. As an emergency broadcast was shown, Ash and his friends went to check it out. I had barely noticed that Ash had two Pikachu with him then. One of them must've been Zorua in disguise. Zorua got excited when it heard about its mother, and it transformed into Brock! I loved that little fox tail. Zorua ran through the crowd and Ash and friends chased after it. Zorua wanted to cross the river to find its mother, but Ash was able to restrain it. Then suddenly, some guy appeared after having heard the commotion. I noticed his hat at first, and I recognized the Pokemon on there as being a Koromori from the Isshu region. Haha, what a cool Generation 5 reference! Anyway, Brock tried to explain the other Brock (Zorua), but the guy pulled its tail and it transformed back into Zorua, who giggled. The guy seemed surprised with Zorua's appearance. Back in Crown City, Celebi was flying around when it saw Zoroark jumping from roof-to-roof. It then flew off but those camera-planes found it and they recorded it for Kodai to see. Kodai seemed pleased, most likely because Celebi would lead him to the "ripple of time" thing he wanted. Just then, Kodai almost collapsed and his eyes turned a strange emerald color as he had a sort of vision of the future. He saw Ash and friends as well as Celebi and other characters. He then regained his composure and talked to his assistant. Weird. Back at the edge of Crown City, Ash and friends introduced themselves to the guy and he told them that his name was Kurt. He talked about being a reporter who wanted to learn more about Kodai and his secrets. He took Ash and friends inside a windmill and he opened a secret door. There was a tunnel underneath that apparently led into Crown City. They went down there and Kurt had his Bronzor use Flash to light the way.

    Kurt then talked about Kodai's exploits and about how Kodai seemed to want more power. Zorua then livened up the situation by transforming into Dawn, though Piplup pulled its tail, ending the little joke. Meanwhile, Goon and his Pokemon arrived at Crown City in a car and he reported the situation to Kodai. Zorua then appeared in Crown City, and Zoroark saw it. She rushed to it but it was all a trap. She was paralyzed and caged, and it was revealed that Goon had set things up and that the Zorua was just another hologram. Grr. It looked like Kodai no longer needed Zoroark, so he was going to contain her. I was really mad, since Zoroark just wanted to be with its child again. Zoroark tried to escape, but she couldn't and the cage just sealed itself shut. Goon then left with the cage attached to his car. Just then, Team Rocket showed up from behind a tree. Wow, these guys remained in the city after all the chaos? I guess they just wanted to capture those Legendary Pokemon haha. At Kodai's airship, Kodai made plans to head out to Crown City to search for the "ripple of time" thing. He was seen on some smaller aircraft along with a Shuppet and a Mismagius as he departed. At Crown City, Kurt's Bronzor removed a manhole cover and the others all got out of the underground tunnel at last. Zorua ran off in search of its mother, and the others followed. Ash noticed a Celebi statue and asked Kurt about it. Kurt explained that Celebi often appeared there and he talked more about Crown City's history. Zorua captured a scent and Piplup and Pikachu helped sniff it out. Zorua then turned into Dawn and it started sniffing too, much to Piplup's dismay and Dawn's irritation haha. I love that little guy, since he always makes things fun. Zorua climbed on Ash's hat and called out to its "Maa". Aw, it sounded so cute. Even though Zorua was sad, Ash cheered it up which was nice to see. Kurt then noticed something. He saw a train stop that had been shown to be on fire in the news broadcast, but it was fine in real life. Strange. He recorded the area and deduced that Zoroark had used its Illusion ability to make it appear to have caught fire before. Zorua then ran ahead, and Ash and friends had to run after it. Kodai was seen flying through Crown City, and we saw a flashback of the past where he had a vision of the events involving Crown City and Zoroark. That vision apparently set his current plan into motion. In the present, Kodai went to one of the Pokemon Baccers counters around the city and had his Shuppet do something to the area. Kodai wasn't satisfied, so he marked that location off on his map. He then got an alert on his computer and saw that Ash was in the city!

    Kodai remembered seeing Ash in his vision of the future before so he contacted Goon, most likely so that he would get rid of Ash for him. Meanwhile, Zorua caught a scent and they all stopped near a statue of an Entei, Raikou, and Suicune. Zorua then caught another scent and they all followed after it. Geez, Ash and friends are gonna be fit after all this running haha. They ran through several streets until Zorua stopped to watch a news broadcast by Kodai. Zorua was mad at Kodai for putting him and his mother through hell, and it destroyed the television screen with its paw. I think it was Scratch attack. Suddenly, a Mightyena appeared and it looked like it was gonna fight with Zorua. However, as Zorua was distracted, a Tangrowth appeared from behind it and used Sleep Powder to put it to sleep. Ash and friends arrived and the Mightyena tackled Kurt. It then licked his face, so they must have known each other. Tangrowth picked up Zorua just as that old man and old woman from before appeared to greet Kurt. Zorua was still asleep, and it looked so cute! Ash and friends went back to the old people's flower shop where they had some tea while Zorua slept. They discussed the situation until the old woman talked about having seen Celebi that morning. Ash and the others were stunned, as the old man recalled how Crown City had looked before. Back at the airship, Zoroark was trying to get out of the cage. It used Night Burst but it didn't work and she was just shocked again. She shouted in frustration, and Zorua managed to hear her despite being so far away. It must be that mother-child bond. Zorua climbed the table and made a mess, then it headed outside again as Ash and friends followed after it. Zorua ran through a fence and Pikachu and Piplup went after it as Ash and friends went around. Zorua ran through a garden and several wild Pokemon ran after it. Zorua was then attacked by a Breloom for no reason! The wild Pokemon from the garden surrounded Zorua, but Pikachu and Piplup arrived to calm them down (even though Piplup crashed into a tree lol). The Pokemon were very aggressive though, and Pikachu and Piplup were unable to make them listen to reason. Just then, Celebi appeared in the garden! It flew around and caused the flowers in the trees to turn into fruit. Ash and the others saw the event take place from beyond the fence. All of the wild Pokemon started eating the fruits, and that seemed to calm them down. Celebi gave Zorua a fruit, and Zorua ate it gladly. It giggled and transformed into a Celebi, which stunned the real Celebi. I loved its reaction since it looked so cute. Zorua and Celebi seemed to get along, and they ran into the streets along with Pikachu and Piplup.

    Ash and the others noticed them and were just about to follow, when several Scizor and Ninjask appeared in front of them, blocking their way. A cage appeared and it trapped them inside as Goon and Kodai appeared. Oh great, now they're stuck. Ash tried to touch the bars of the cage, but he was shocked. Ash and friends demanded to be let out, but Kodai refused for obvious reasons and the cage shut itself with Ash and friends still inside. How would they find Zorua and the others now? Team Rocket noticed Goon taking the cage away, and they followed until they realized that Goon's car was on water already. Zorua and Celebi were then seen climbing a giant tree outside of Crown City, and Pikachu and Piplup followed them up the tree. Zorua looked out to Crown City and worried about its "Maa" again. It then started howling as sad music box-like played. Aww. Inside its cage, Zoroark was seen trying to get out again, but it didn't look like she could. Back at the tree, Zorua was sad but Celebi tried to comfort it with a pat. Zorua went inside a tree hollow to be alone, but Celebi used its powers and created a bed of weeds for Zorua to sleep in. Zorua remembered sleeping in a similar hollow with its mother and it had tears in its eyes as it slept. Pikachu on the other hand, looked worried. I wondered why. Kodai's assistant was then seen messing with Kodai's computer. She managed to hack into it and she browsed through Kodai's research on Celebi and the "ripple of time". Goon arrived with the cage containing Ash and friends, and the assistant went down there to see it. She introduced herself as Rioka at that point. Kurt talked to her and she removed her glasses and let her hair down. She then revealed that she was Kurt's friend and that she had helped uncover Kodai's secrets. Wow, a double agent in a Pokemon movie. That was cool! She helped Ash and friends escape on a small boat that was headed back to Crown City. While inside it, Rioka showed them some of the information that she'd obtained from Kodai on a little computer. She then explained about Celebi and the "ripple of time" that Kodai was planning to go after. We then got a neat flashback of the past where a young Kodai first encountered the "ripple of time". Celebi appeared and was going towards it but Kodai had his Misdreavus and Shuppet attack it. Celebi was down and Kodai got to touch the "ripple of time" caused by Celebi's time traveling abilities. Things went wrong though, and the "ripple of time" exploded and the greenery around Crown City disappeared. Huh, I guess that's why we saw Crown City looking all messed up before. As Kodai got back up, he had a vision of the future and he seemed pleased. So that's how he got his powers it seems. Interesting.

    Once the flashback ended, the boat carrying Ash and the others finally arrived in Crown City. Meanwhile, Kodai was seen near another Pokemon Baccers event counter. He had his Pokemon use a strange attack again, but nothing happened. Kodai noticed that he had gone to all the Pokemon Baccers counters in the city but he still hadn't found what he was looking for. His eyes then started to glow emerald again and he had a vision of himself interrogating Celebi. So it looked like he was going after Celebi now. Good grief, how tedious haha. Back at the boat, Rioka revealed that Kodai was attempting to find the Pokemon Baccers counter he had seen in his vision, because the "ripple of time" was near there. Kurt then tracked Kodai's location using the computer Rioka had. Zorua and the others started climbing down the giant tree at night but Piplup slid and crashed on a branch. Haha, Piplup is just there for comedy purposes it seems. Suddenly, a bright light shone on Celebi and Kodai arrived with his Pokemon. Kodai had Shuppet use Psychic to trap Celebi, but Pikachu shocked Shuppet with Thunderbolt. The Ninjask used Shadow Ball and Piplup and Pikachu were blasted away. Zorua then transformed into Tangrowth and it used vines to trap Shuppet and Mismagius. I loved the animation that was used though since it was in 3-D. Kodai used some device on his wrist to defuse Zorua's Illusion, and it had Shuppet use Shadow Ball. It hit Zorua and it fell, returning to its normal form. It called for its "Maa" before fainting. Back at the airship, Zoroark heard it. It then managed to dent the cage it was in. Yay, go Zoroark! Suddenly in Crown City, the Shiny Entei, Suicune, and Raikou from before arrived. They all ran around while Zoroark finally managed to break free from the cage in a rage. Haha, it rhymed. Meanwhile, the three Shiny Johto Beasts started to howl while Team Rocket noticed them from their own boat. The Beasts seemed to be waiting for something then. At the giant tree, Kodai cornered Celebi while it was attending to Zorua. Shuppet used Psychic to capture Celebi, and I had to wonder why Celebi couldn't fight back. I mean, it was a Legendary Pokemon after all. Kodai choked Celebi and he got another vision as Celebi screamed in pain. Zorua then jumped on Kodai's head and they all fell to the ground. Kodai was really mean and he threw Zorua with all his force to the tree. That must’ve hurt! Zoroark heard Zorua, but just then, the Shiny Suicune ran to the airship and attacked Zoroark with Ice Beam. The Shiny Raikou then followed up with Thunderbolt and the Shiny Entei used Overheat. Kodai's airship then sort of exploded. Wow, that was really harsh of the Shiny Johto Beasts.

    Anyway, Team Rocket's boat was pushed away by waves and their part in this film seemed over. Thank God. While the Shiny Beasts looked at the burning airship, Zoroark appeared from out of the water! Shiny Suicune attacked Zoroark with Air Slash and then Shiny Entei used Overheat and there was an explosion. The old man and old woman from before were in the trees, and they had to flee from the explosion. Back at the tree's base, Kodai was getting ready to take Celebi, but Pikachu and Piplup attacked him. He then had Goon's two Scizor attack them, and one of the Scizor managed to blow Pikachu and Piplup off of the tree. They fell and things looked serious, but a Togekiss came to their rescue and it saved them before they crashed. Kodai looked stunned, and just then, Ash and the others arrived to where he was. I guess it was Dawn's Togekiss that saved the Pokemon. It was funny seeing Rioka trying to hide from Kodai, but he saw her so it didn't do any good. Pikachu attacked Goon and Kodai with Thunderbolt while Ash saved Celebi and Dawn saved Zorua. Ash and the others then ran for it while several wild Pokemon attacked Goon's Pokemon. Kodai then sent a little device into the air. I wondered what that was. Back in Crown City, Zoroark was disguised as Suicune but then the Shiny Suicune appeared and attacked it with Ice Beam. Zoroark went back to its normal form but the Shiny Raikou appeared and it tried to attack Zoroark. Zoroark transformed into a Raikou itself but the Shiny Raikou's Aura Sphere attack knocked Zoroark back. Zoroark ran for it as an Entei, and it had a trail of fire following it like before. The Shiny Entei then appeared and it used Flare Blitz on Zoroark. Zoroark looked really tired, and I still wondered why the Shiny Beasts were attacking it. The Shiny Beasts had Zoroark cornered, but it then got mad and used Night Burst and there was a huge explosion. Meanwhile, Kurt took Ash and friends to a house to rest. The old man and old woman arrived, and the old woman was shocked to see that Celebi was injured. I was worried too, but Brock managed to fix Celebi's arm quickly. I guess he had medical knowledge; the guy sure comes in handy. The old woman then talked about having seen the Shiny Beasts in Crown City, and once the old man told them that they attacked Zoroark, Zorua wanted to go find its "Maa". Celebi wanted to go too, but it was still too injured to go. Rioka talked about the Pokemon Baccers counters that Kodai was looking for, and then the old man told them about one that was somewhere near the Pokemon Baccers stadium in the city. While they talked, we saw that odd device that Kodai had sent after Ash and friends, recording the conversation. Kodai then learned where to go next!

    The device was going to fly off, but Pikachu zapped it and Rioka recognized it as being Kodai's. They all decided that it was time to face Kodai once and for all. Ash, Brock, Dawn, and Zorua all left to the Pokemon Baccers stadium using the underground tunnel that they used before. Meanwhile, Zoroark was still being chased by the Shiny Beasts. Zoroark then did something that caused crystals to surround the Shiny Beasts. Rioka, Kurt, and the old people arrived, and Rioka realized that the crystals were just another product of Zoroark's Illusion. Mightyena helped break Zoroark's Illusion and then tons of wild Pokemon came to pacify the Shiny Beasts. I thought it was pretty cool. Ash and friends got out of the tunnel and they saw Kodai and Goon in their car. Dawn and Brock then sent Pokemon out to fight Goon while Kodai got away in the water. He noticed Ash running towards the Baccers stadium and he followed after him. Pikachu and Mismagius fought and Ash used the distraction to have Celebi flee. Kodai saw though, and he chased after Celebi in his car. Meanwhile, Brock and Dawn's Pokemon fought Goon's Pokemon. While things looked bad, a Dark Pulse attack hit Goon's Ninjask, and Zoroark appeared! It used Night Slash on Goon's Scizor and it defeated them. Zoroark then used Night Burst to blast Goon and his Ninjask away, while Dawn and Brock took cover. Back in the forest, Kodai's Shuppet attacked Celebi, but Celebi was revealed to be Zorua in disguise. Kurt's Bronzor then tossed Kodai's car into a tree. Talk about extreme haha. Kodai's Pokemon defeated Bronzor, and Zorua attacked Kodai. That didn't work, and Zorua was thrown to the ground. Kodai used a claw to trap Zorua as it yelped for help. Zoroark heard it and it ran in that direction. Meanwhile, Celebi was revealed to have been in Ash's backpack the whole time, which was smart thinking on Ash's part. Ash made it to the Pokemon Baccers stadium but just as he saw the counter, Kodai arrived and had his Mismagius use Psychic to stop Ash. Zoroark arrived then, and it was going to attack Kodai for putting it through hell, but Kodai had Zorua in his hand and Zoroark stopped. Kodai then shocked Zorua and it made me so mad! Oh, he's a really nasty guy. Kodai's Pokemon attacked Zoroark, and she seemed really hurt. Kodai then encountered what he wanted: the "ripple of time". He released Zorua and used the claw mechanism to absorb the "ripple of time's" power. There was an explosion and the greenery started to disappear! Everything seemed hopeless, but then it was revealed that it had all just been a trick created by Zoroark's Illusion! Kodai seemed surprised since his wrist device usually revealed illusions, but it was broken due to Zorua's attack earlier.

    Kurt and Rioka then appeared from out of the trees, and Kurt revealed that he had recorded all of Kodai's evil deeds on camera. Yes, that would be just the evidence they'd need to lock Kodai up for good. Zorua and Zoroark were about to reunite, but Kodai had Shuppet use Shadow Ball. Zoroark tried to block the attack, but it got hit over the chest. Kodai shocked Zoroark with that claw thing, but Zoroark sent a Dark Pulse through the cord and Kodai was hurt. Ash was then saved from Mismagius by Piplup as Dawn and Brock arrived. Nice to see them again. Mismagius and Shuppet were then defeated, and Kodai had no other Pokemon. I laughed when he stumbled backwards since he looked hilarious haha. Kodai was trying to get to the real "ripple of time", but the Shiny Beasts arrived and they cornered him. Kodai ran for it, and just then, Zoroark collapsed! Kodai arrived at the stadium but Zoroark created one last illusion, and Kodai fell to the field, apparently unconscious. Then Zoroark became unconscious itself. Zorua tried to awaken its "Maa", but she wouldn't wake up. It was sad to see, since Zoroark looked like she might be dead. As Zorua cried, it used Illusion to re-create their home in Isshu. It looked pretty, but Zorua’s cries for its mother made things too sad for me to enjoy. The "ripple of time" appeared and Celebi used its power to revive Zoroark! She was finally reunited with Zorua, and I admit that I shed a few tears, which has never happened to me while watching Pokemon before. Celebi made the flowers around the area bloom. We then got to hear that song that played in the 4th movie again; how nostalgic! Zorua thanked Celebi for all its help, and as Celebi left, Ash and the others said goodbye to it. As Kodai woke up, the video of the recent events played around Crown City and everyone learned of his evilness. Looks like Kodai is going bye-bye! Teehee. As Kurt and Rioka were headed back to Isshu on a ship, we saw Ash and Pikachu on the ship too. I was like "LolWOTT?!" but then we saw that it was just Zorua and Zoroark disguised as them haha. The real Ash then yelled his goodbye to Zorua, and it was sad to see them go. The last scene showed Team Rocket floating along one of Crown City's rivers, which was sort of funny in its own way. That was all the movie. I'm really glad that I got to watch it, even if it was in Japanese and therefore, hard for me to fully understand. Ironically, the 13th Movie dub was announced today, so I'm going to be watching that version of this movie very soon. As I said before, this movie was really good. It wasn't perfect, but it was much better than the previous Pokemon films, that's for sure. This Zoroark movie gets a nice rating of 9/10. Well then, stay faaaabulous~
  10. Tyranitar Rules

    Tyranitar Rules Pokemon Fan =D

    The dub is taking so long to come out!
  11. GaZsTiC

    GaZsTiC Alternating

    It was an alright movie. I'm not gonna spend the time making a large review like Kira, but I will give some ratings:

    Story – 7/10
    Artwork – 9/10
    Music – 7/10
    Characters – 8/10
    Overall – 8/10

    Kudos to #PM for their good work as always.
  12. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    Depends what you mean by "generic", really. I thought that the previous Pokemon films were "generic" because they featured the cover Pokemon from D/P/Pt. I think I enjoyed this movie a lot more because it showcased the Legendary Beasts all together for once, Celebi again, and Zorua and Zoroark. That cast was pretty big, but this movie juggles them all perfectly.

    I noticed that at first when he appeared, and I was stunned that they made a Generation 5 reference like that. Way to go, movie animators :p

    Yeah, but Jimmy only appeared for like 10 seconds at the beginning of the film, he didn't speak, and he didn't get the screentime promised to him in his bloody contract!

    Anyway, it was obvious that Celebi would save the day. Someone had to, right?

    Lucario was your typical hero character in Movie 8. Zoroark on the other hand, is a bit more mysterious. We really didn't get to know her in this movie (even if it did focus on her). I hope she appears in a future episode of the anime or something.

    I watched them the first time I watched the movie and I've gone back to watch them several times since then. I love the song that plays during the ending credits! I also loved the scenes showing Kodai and Goon going to prison, Zoey and Glameow in a forest while it rained, Paul near some ancient ruins, as well as the Sinnoh Gym Leaders and Elite Four. I think it was a nice tribute to the Sinnoh region and the Diamond & Pearl arc of the anime :]

    I was disappointed that Zoroark spent a lot of time off-screen as well. I thought the movie would focus entirely on her, but I still think it did a decent job of showcasing her and her abilities; Night Burst looked amazing, and I think they did well with her Illusion ability too.

    It'll premiere on TV in February. I think the whole "Movie 12 being dubbed early" thing has people expecting the same to happen with all other Pokemon movies :/

  13. Cobalt_Latios

    Cobalt_Latios Well-Known Member

    I'd probably notch up Story by 1, but otherwise, about the same. Yeah, thanks #PM. Best translaters out there.

    On that note, I still have to praise the DPPt trilogy for actually having some continuity; something that's actually unheard of in the Pokemon anime. Strange, I know.

    But, Zorua, Zoroark, Celebi and the legendary beasts (gods? Okay, maybe) were done reasonably well. Zorua just stole the movie though, hihihi. Hahaha! That never gets old.

    Also, this movie once again casts Celebi as a damn weakling, but overall this seems to be the case for all the mini-legends. However, Celebi is always deemed the weakest of them, and it never seems to like using any attacks. On the upside, the villain was far more resourceful than the villains in previous movies, and seeing as he's one of those "moguls", it actually makes you dislike him more in some cases.

    I'll give them that. I noticed it too, but thought: "naw, they wouldn't try something like that... would they?"

    Yeah, but the amazing First Movie shout-out was worth it. I mean really, look at it: Ash vs. Trainer with a Donphan, in a relatively similar setting, and this time he wins. I mean, look at it!

    Well sort of. Lucario had conflicting information about someone he regarded as his master, of sorts. Zoroark, on the other hand, was basically a very p!ssed off mother (well, from what I can gather), although she still manages to really get in some nice battle scenes. Aura Sphere is pretty cool and all, but Zoroark has a neat design, an awesome ability, quite the "mischievous" personality (moreso with Zorua, but you get the idea), and had a decent array of attacks (Dark Pulse, Dark Burst (I think), and I'm guessing Night Slash?). Lucario only ever used Aura Sphere, and it wasn't until it was showcased in the anime that it actually used stuff like Metal Claw (best way to use it though), and Bone Rush.

    Ash: (based on subs) "I'll have to visit your homeland someday".

    Could this have been ANY more obvious as indication that he would have been going to Unova? I mean, it's not like we didn't know, but I mean, really?

    You know something, I think this movie concludes Sinnoh better than the show did. I mean, they showcased everybody. They did quick cameo clips for both Zoey and Paul (not to mention, their first movie appearance). In a way, even though the anime did do the whole festival arc, the league arc and the quick finisher, this movie is the best transition between gen's yet; you not only get a good teaser for some 5th gen Pokemon, you also get to see little hints of their actual region.

    Night Burst, that's was it was. I kept thinking "Dark Burst". Oh well, close enough. Sure, Zoroark didn't get as much screen time, but when it did, it did things. After all, can't do a whole lot when you're someones "pawn" now can you?

    At least Zorua made up for it. Oh god did it ever. I'll be completely honest, I love Zoroark's design and what she did, but Zorua was hysterical. I love how it does that spinning thing and becomes either a person or a Pokemon. It doesn't seem to have the people part figured out, but oh well. Although... Zorua-Dawn, yeah... (ain't touching this one), although, Zorua doing so more than once was amusing. I love how it keeps its cheshire cat like smile even when in it's illusion state. Hihihi!

    I also love how powerful Zoroark's illusion is. Wow. That one scene just blew me away. Although, when Zoroark did that one illusion to Kodai... I half expected him to fall and injure something badly, not be unconscious. Eh, oh well, at least he went to jail for it. Then again, Annie/Oakley did something similar, and they went to jail.

    Yes, I actually thought that Zoroark made that illusion to essentially "kill" Kodai. Given what that guy did to her, I don't think it would have been that crazy to believe.

    I'm not. I'm actually mad at CN for doing that. Why? They completely ruined the rhythm that we had going for us. Hopefully it gets fixed this year, as movie 12 comes out on DVD in February, but good lord, that's too long. Movie 12 aired on CN back in November '09! We're in '11. We should have had the DVD already!

    XD! That about sums up Zorua in this. You don't mind if I "borrow" it for future use, do ya?

    This movie has also got to be the best indication of Isshu/Unova being a foreign country. I mean sure, Zorua and Zoroark are new, but put it this way, they were "imported" via airship to wherever Crown City is. NO ONE, except the news-reporters (and lets face it, with that kind of job, you are going places), know that much about Zorua or Zoroark. In past movies, sometimes the main characters may have some idea of what they are, or at least you get a lot of different Pokemon from different gens. Notice how they're wasn't anything other than Zorua Zoroark? And how they're homeland is so distant? I thought that was a really neat way to establish just how foreign Isshu/Unova really is. And a very good decision.

    In case you don't really get where I'm going, lemme try this: In previous movies, whenever they went to showcase the new gen, they'd usually have quite a few of them. First Movie had a bunch, 2000 had a whole lot, 4ever had a few during the short, Heroes had several (took Latios long enough to actually appear in the anime though... hope it doesn't take long for Latias), Destiny Deoxys had Munchlax (a pre-evo), movie 8 [hate typing out long titles] had several (all were either evo/pre-evo), movie 9 had some... and then we finally get to see gen 5 in 13. I'm convinced it's because of where Isshu is situated.

    Well, finally got a chance to watch it. Actually, it wasn't so much that, it was more or less that fact that Kotaku had an article for the current going legendary beasts event going on related to this movie. I figured, that I would check for some clips of Zoroark from the preview as to give people an idea of why they're getting the "guardian gods" or such in order to obtain Zoroark in Black/White.

    While doing so, I noticed that the 13th movie had already been uploaded. I was going to watch it, but it lacked subtitles, and despite me being willing to watch Pokemon episodes unsubbed, the movies are a different beast, so I turned to my trusted subbed Pokemon movie source: #PM.

    Wow. Pretty good. Felt like a mix of movies 4, 5, 8, 9, 11 and maybe a tinge of 6, and 10 thrown in for kicks.

    I was a bit disappointed with the lack of an opening theme remix like they've usually done, but because the format for this one was jarringly different, I'll let it slide. Also, amusing little red herring they had going with that one Bocca fan (you should know who I'm talking about here). She wasn't significant at all, but hey, it wasn't all bad.

    Zorua is a troll, and a mischievous little brat, but I love the guy for all the hysterical hijinks that occurred. Especially his illusion ability. While not nearly as potent as Zoroark's, it was especially funny to watch it spin and morph. Also, I love how each and every movie they're getting less and less weirded out by the whole "telepathy" gig for some of these guys. Eh, it still happened, and it was hilarious.

    I'm actually quite glad that they surprisingly stayed pretty close to using typing and such. Usually, there are some glaringly painful inconsistencies in terms of what attacks are actually having an effect, but this time, they didn't do half bad with it.

    And probably my biggest relief, Ash and co. aren't nearly as dim as in previous ones. Who can forget that hilarious repetition scene in movie 12? Best fix there. Sadly, TR was.... well.... there. I'm glad Best Wishes fixed them, because I honestly can't stand them like that.

    Also, I nominate Kodai as one of the most persistent villains in any of the movies. who agrees?

    Compared to previous ones, I actually like this one quite a bit. movies 9,5,12, and maybe 3 are the ones I like the most (2 only has Lugia as a redeeming factor), while the rest of them are hit and miss.

    Also, that's it. I am now convinced that everyone is short in this series. Zoroark *checks spp pokedex* is 5'03 in height. She's taller than half the cast, barring Brock. So... I'm guessing Ash, Dawn, and a few others are somewhere just over 4' in height. Yeah, I know, technical little thing, it just bugs me a little bit.

    Also, 4th Kira, quick suggestion: post your thoughts in little chunks as paragraphs. Spoiler tag the rest of it in case we want to know a bit more of your opinion. Just a thought.

    Also... I. Will. Be. Amazed. If Ash sees a Zorua/Zoroark in Unova in Best Wishes, and makes a reference to this event. It's incredibly unlikely, but so far, BW has mixed things up to the point where it's pretty much probable. Doubtful, but hey.

    edit: I think it may be possible, considering Ash actually mentions the Orange Islands when he encounters Lugia during the Whirl Islands arc back in Johto.

    Also, this movie + End Credits pretty serves as the best way to conclude DPPt, advert some HGSS, and transition to Black/White pretty nicely.

    Also, after the end credits, there was this little thing involving Celebi, Pikachu, Piplup and fanart Pokemon cards for the movie. After seeing Tron Legacy, all I could think of while watching that were the light cycles. Tron: Pokemon Edition? HAHAHA, LOL!! I joke!

    Last edited: Jan 5, 2011
  14. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    It's free to use. I "borrowed" it from someone and I've been using it for various reasons (probably because it looks so comical). I liked Zorua in this movie a whole lot, and I really think it "stole the show". I was thinking that Zoroark was going to be the featured Pokemon in this movie (since the movie is named after her), but Zorua seemed to get the most screentime; even beating Celebi. I'm hoping that Zorua is given a voice that is similar to its Japanese voice in the dubbed version of this film, since anything else would just sound ridiculous. I'm especially hoping that they keep Zorua's little "Kihihihi" giggle-thing intact in the dubbed version. Anyway, I'll revise my review of the film once I've watched the dub for it.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2011
  15. Cobalt_Latios

    Cobalt_Latios Well-Known Member

    Completely agreed. I just thought it was hysterical how it can talk, Ash and co. are just passively talking along with him, and then it suddenly occurs to them that he can talk.

    I love how he randomly illusifies himself into either Ash, Brock or Dawn. He's just so nonchalant about it, it just sold it so well.

    At least the dub title is still relevant to what the movies about; "Zoroark: Master of Illusions". Based on a few events that occur involving her, it's pretty damn accurate.

    Yeah, this so much. Otherwise, Zorua's "trolling" won't have the same effect. Make him sound like a kid... but a rather "bratty" one, and I'll be fine with it.

    You know, as long as they keep this, I'll be happy with any voice they use. Heck, they don't even have to dub it over; just choose a voice that sounds relatively similar and do that.

  16. BlueDragonfangirl

    BlueDragonfangirl Well-Known Member

    Ok so I saw the subbed version and loved every minute of it, my favorite part had to be Zorua transforming into every one and showing his tail each time. I loved seeing it as Ash though, the ending was another favorite part of mine. LOL Ash telling it to not transform into him again was funny. Over all its one of my favorites and I do attend to watch the English dubbed version.
  17. fuzzychi05

    fuzzychi05 Pokemommy

    I really enjoyed Zorua - he's definitely a Japanese fox of legend, very tricky and transforms into other people to fool them. I loved him to pieces, especially how you can change him back by grabbing his tail. The ending song reminded me of the 3rd opening of FMA: Brotherhood (Golden Time Lover by Sukima Switch). Probably the same artist, but I can't find it in the credits (as I can't read Japanese). I was disappointed with the ending though because I thought the animation for the DP gym leaders was sub-par compared to the rest of the film. I missed Ash's battle with some random trainer in the beginning. I guess the "Boccer" game was supposed to be a substitute. Boccer is a rather interesting concept, even if the name is somewhat lacking. Overall, I enjoyed the movie.
  18. ZoroarkFox

    ZoroarkFox Dark/Fire Trainer

    I enjoyed Zorua so much I actually talked a friend of mine into importing a plushie from Japan for me X3
    I just LOVE him too

  19. Aegon

    Aegon _

    English names for characters have been revealed: Link

    Kodai keeps his name, and Goon is now known as Goone. :p
  20. Cobalt_Latios

    Cobalt_Latios Well-Known Member

    So... knowing Kodai is actually from Unova as he's from Raimon city (I don't quite recall what the English name for it is... but I know it starts with an N), doesn't that sort of seem... "fitting" to some extent, considering all the things he does?

    Yeah, I think I'll wait till tomorrow to divulge into more information. On another note, doesn't it seem fun to know that we actually got told the name of one of the cities of Unova ahead of time? Not just a new Pokemon, we got the name of an actual city from the new region. That sort of thing just doesn't happen.

    Tomorrow, I'm excited :D.


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