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Did this today in 3.5 hours.

I've been slacking off recently, so I thought it was time for me to put something new up, haha~

Click on the image for the full view.

I made a few errors here and there because I wasn't really paying much attention, oops >_<""

Hydro King

The Water Master
Epic work, Rukaria! It's good to see detailed fan art of this new and mysterious Pokemon. :)
Can't see any mistakes really... Only thing is, the shading on this one isn't as detailed as you usually do. ;_;


ooh pretty :3

It certainly shows Zoroark in a more calm and mystic way than the official arts. The smoothness of the shades and how it catches the light is very well done.

What are these errors you speak of? :p

Plat. Frontier

Epic Mustache
What errors indeed? I see nothing wrong...


Shade of Blue
I like it. It makes him seem way more calm, majestic and it kinda looks like those things in Avatar. Did you by any chance get inspired from that movie? This would fit almost perfectly n it.