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Zoroarks first aperance in sinnoh league

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What is about this zoroark.


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dont waste your time clicking on that link people, it's just a random Fan Drawn Paint Palette Pokemon. Zoroark's appearance has not been confirmed yet, except for the 13th movie which might make Zoroark's first debut.

And if you wanted to know what Zoroark is, then go to the 5th gen forum on serebii :D


Why haven't you been banned yet?
I have yet to transcend my physical body and become one with the internet, so I still don't have the ability to observe what's going on in SPPf for all 24 hours of a day. The situation with the other anime mods is similar. Sadly, Joe stubbornly refuses to let people donate to further research into the "SPPf Staff Singularity Solution" but don't worry, we'll get there someday.

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