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Zorua or Poochyena

Zorua or Poochyena

  • Zorua

    Votes: 45 71.4%
  • Poochyena

    Votes: 22 34.9%

  • Total voters


Lover of underrated characters
Which do you like better, Zorua or Poochyena?
I like Zorua better.


Well-Known Member
Zorua, because Zorua is actually usable in game unlike Poochyena. And Zoroark is actually pretty good unlike Mightyena.


Shiny Hunter
I love them both.they are dark cuties.competitively zorua is better but poochyene gets a good Dream world ability.


Never Say Forever
I like Zorua better.


Fly Birdy, Fly!
Zorua because, I prefer the design compared with Poochyena and I also prefer the moves it can learn, again, in comparison to Poochie.


Not a tool
Poochyena. Zorua's design never really appealed to me and it looks rather ugly in my opinion. Poochyena has been around with me since my childhood and has that nostalgia value, and I think it has a better design overall. Normally I hate dogs, but Poochyena appeals to me.

Dragon Trainer X

I have to go with Zorua. Poochyena is nice, but I just think that Zorua is much cuter. It has little adorable fangs, a tiny scarf around it's neck and it can transform into any other Pokemon, as well as any person, being very playful all the while. Zorua FTW ^^

Jonah the Slaking

Couch-bound Warrior
Zorua. Zoroark is one of the most climactic Pokemon in existence, and Zorua actually has a backstory!


Well-Known Member
Zorua, because of Zoroark. And Poocheyena is kinda weak and has a pretty bad movepool.

ZFXZFX ~ ;038;


Zorua! why even compare these two?!


Back in Black....2
I love Poochyena and Mightyena, but Zorua and Zoroark win it for me. Illusion makes for one of the best abilities in the game.

Marbi Z

I have to go with Zorua on this one. Ya gotta love that cute little smile. Plus Zoroark is pretty cool to.