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Zygarde Fights Back! The Final Battle for Kalos!! (939)

Discussion in 'Pokémon the Series: XYZ' started by Serebii, Sep 15, 2016.

  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    Zygarde Fights Back! The Final Battle for Kalos!!

    The Megalith is advancing and the entire world is at stake. With everyone helping open the way, it's up to Ash and Alain to get into the Megalith to rescue Mairin's Chespin. Stopping the Megalith isn't easy and all the gym leaders come to aid. However, soon after the fight begins, Squishy and Z2 work together and begin to transform into Complete Forme Zygarde. Will the combination of Zygarde, the Gym Leaders, Sycamore, Diantha, Malva and Ash & Co. be able to save the world?

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  2. Xeogran

    Xeogran Hajimemashite.

    Last edited: Sep 15, 2016
  3. Locormus

    Locormus Can we please get the old forum back?

    So we get a gymleader recap in the brief break! Lol, Clembot is referenced as the Lumiose Gymleader.. xD

    Oh seriously, another recap!! We just saw this <20 minutes ago!

    - There appears to be a little chip in the Megalith Core!
    - The entire team of Gymleaders/E4/Champions/Sycamore and Alan and Ash advances on the Megalith!
    - And my stream broke.. -.-
    - A large part of the battle has taken place.
    - Ash and Alan are trying to get into the Megalith
    - TR with the save, but they're chopper gets blasted and TR falls down.
    - Diantha's Gardevoir saves them with Psychic.
    - Steven and Diantha team up! Their Mega's create a bridge out of the plants with a combined Psychic for Ash and Alan to walk on!
    - Blaziken Mask is also still putting in work.
    - Squishy and Z2 are discussing on what to do.
    - MC-X, Ash-Greninja and Pikachu get ready to attack the core!
    - Everybody calls out IKE!
    - The attacks hit and they enter the core of the Megalith! This is some Buu-type interior reality.. with its own defense system.
    - Ash commands the pokemon while Alan runs to save Chespie!
    - Even Serena, Bonnie and Manon get attacked by the plants destruction!
    - Wow, this is really tense!
    - Alan almost gets pierced by the interior design of the Megalith trying to save Chespie!
    - The attack on Manon, Serena and Bonnie continues but the plants stop!
    - Alan managed to save Chespie!
    - Everything seems to have calmed down. The Megalith isn't advancing anymore..
    - All the pokémon attack to destroy the Megalith. It goes down.
    - BUT WAIT!!!! WHAT'S THIS!?!
    - It's Lysandreas the Megalith gets back up again!!!

    - This is the final stage of the arc, no doubt.
    - Lysandre gets his gun out. Megalith lets out a huge blast.. And Spritzee with the protect!
    - A lot of pokémon are down though.. Blaziken Mask's mask breaks! It's LIMONE!! OMG!!!
    - Bonnie and Clemont see this and are mid-diff shocked.
    - The groups discussing how to stop Lysandre and the Megalith!
    - They're all teaming up! Bracing themselves!
    - A bit more focus on Squishy and Z2 discussing what to do.
    - Animation has suddenly dipped into OnePiece territory of just moving a stillframe from right to left...
    - Megalith with another blast! I'd reckon this is too much for the gym leaders.
    - Z2 resolves, Squishy follows!
    - Time to bond I guess!
    - Together they're calling on all Zygarde Cells worldwide!!!
    - AND BAMM! There's Perfect Zygarde!! Boss entry!!
    - Lysandre speeches a bit.. "JoinMaTeam!!!" Lol.. xD
    - Crazyeyes..
    - Perfect Zygarde sounds funny.. o.o
    - The final fight begins! Dragon Pulse vs. Megalith BEAM!!!
    - Plants vs. dodge!
    - Extreme Speed!!!
    - Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, MC-X uses Flamethrower, Ash-Greninja uses Water Shuriken on Lysandre and the bracelet thing breaks!
    - Perfect Zygarde with the attack on Megalith, and it goes crazy strong and literally cuts through the Megalith!
    - Bonnie cheers on Perfect Zygarde and it uses Core Punisher!!!
    - That's it. It's a wrap, Team Rocket has everything on tape..
    - Everybody rejoice!
    - Steven asks Malva out on a date? #NEWSHIP!
    - Chespie awakes! #Myheartcan'ttakethis!
    - Alan confesses his love for Manon! Notreally..
    - Squishy and Z2 are saying their goodbyes to Bonnie..
    - Wait a second.. They just disappear floating off into the sky? Did they die? What the?
    - End of episode?! Did Officer Jenny come in and arrest Lysandre? What happened??!!?

    Okay.. I can breathe again..

    Is it weird, but I kinda liked the first three episodes more then this two-parter, even though it was awesome. This just felt tacked on, and I don't really understand the correlation between the Megalith and the Sundial. How in the heck did the Megalith become sentient?
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2016
  4. TyrantGallade

    TyrantGallade Member

    Haha, Clemont can only blame himself.
  5. GamerGirlNanami

    GamerGirlNanami Well-Known Member

    Wait is this airing now? I'm confused
  6. Soniman

    Soniman Break the Limit

    Lysandre is friggin dead
  7. Guywhoiam

    Guywhoiam Dr. Researcher Man

    That was pretty neat.
  8. TyrantGallade

    TyrantGallade Member

    After the whole league fiasco there was a part of me that was expecting to be let down, but I'm happy to be wrong. While not perfect by any means, there were a lot of great moments and I was overall very satisfied with this conclusion. It was especially great seeing all the gym leaders again, and makes me wish that the gym leaders of the other regions had this kind of conclusion.

    The thing I was most surprised about though, was that Lysandre stuck to his convictions to the very end, I was half expecting him to 'learn the errors of his way' like so many other bad guys do in anime, so I was pleasantly surprise to see otherwise.
  9. Kalavinka

    Kalavinka Well-Known Member

    Looked to me like he straight up died in that explosion.
  10. Afrodisiac

    Afrodisiac break up w yo gf, im bored

    This was GL shippers' delight.. Grant/Viola, even Steven/Diantha

    Queen Malva was great in this ep. luv ha.

    Overall a good ending to the TF arc, although there was a good chunk of cheesy/cliché moments. But good nonetheless.
  11. Markerz

    Markerz Well-Known Member

    But then who will the Looker arrest?!

    This Arc was great. I'm glad the Gym Leaders got a lot of spotlight.
  12. DatsRight

    DatsRight Well-Known Member

    Did Meowth actually get to do anything considering his ballad closed out the two parter?
  13. Holy157

    Holy157 Well-Known Member

    I'm surprised they actually had Lysandre die, like they did in the games. Though I suppose it will be never be stated outright that he died. Gotta wonder how they will handle this in the dub. I mean, this can't really be interpreted in any other way. Unless he was sent to the Shadow Realm.

    Was there even anything that hinted at the Megalith being the final boss? Because, it kinda came out of nowhere. Anime, explain pls.
  14. Hero of Truth

    Hero of Truth Lillie Fan

    My review for this two-parter and the whole TF arc as a whole: It's OVER 9000!!!

    Wow. Just wow. Never thought we would get such an epic villainous team arc in this anime. Though it hurts me they won't do the AZ story, the TF arc was still the epicest nonetheless. I wonder how Team Skull and the Aether Foundation will top this in the Sun and Moon series.
  15. marrycherrylips

    marrycherrylips Well-Known Member

    just an amazing way to wrap up the arc. these 2 episodes as a whole were brilliant and amazing and quite easily 2 of the best episodes this series has ever had.

    i loved the way the gym leaders entered and i loved that they even brought them in to help out at all. they also werent just useless after that either, they were useful, which was something i was afraid they'd do. i was sure they were just getting a minor role.

    i really cant say anything bad here. the battle was epic, everything was spot on. the ending with lysandre dieing was ..well that was probably the only his fate anyway.
  16. diakyu

    diakyu Well-Known Member

    So wait, do they seriously think Lysandre killed himself? Keeping it true to the games anime, I love it.
  17. Leafy25

    Leafy25 Well-Known Member

    So much for the ''hero'' Greninja and Ash who would save the region and fulfill the so called ''prophecy'' and all these bs..!! All this hype for this special overpowered heroic Greninja and in the end it lost to MCX yet again and it did nothing special during the crisis...it just helped pikachu and MCX make the way for Alain to save Chespin and steal the spotlight yet again!! Don't get me wrong I liked the eps and I have nothing against Alain!! But the thing is I'm angry at the writers for building up this Greninja and hyping us all just for nothing!! It was a plot that led nowhere..!! That's called stupid writing..!! Why do all these stuff for nothing at the end?? Just BS!!!
  18. marrycherrylips

    marrycherrylips Well-Known Member

    i had a feeling alain would save chespin . it can be viewed as some kind of redemption for helping team flare before hand
  19. Leafy25

    Leafy25 Well-Known Member

    I don't care much about that!! I care more about the other stuff I mentioned!! That's terrible writing leading up to nothing in the end...
  20. DS0308

    DS0308 <--- Actually me


    I can't stop saying that every time I think of that move. :p

    So basically my only real negative of this episode was that it just straight ended. Squishy and Bluni left and it was done. Can't we have something more? I know next episode is in the aftermath but it's in three weeks man! I cri evrytiem. Oh and I guess having all the characters call out mid-jump was jarring.

    They really had no hesitation in having all those characters thrown about like ragdolls. I mean, they all basically got saved, especially the ones that looked like they were about to fall to their deaths, ie TRio, Viola(?), etc. Alain nearly gets impaled like twenty million times but he's apparently a Greninja in disguise (wait, that's totally why he won the League... *scratches beard*). All this and yet Lysandre gets damn VAPOURISED. Rest in peace man, good lord. It's like Mega Rayquaza VS Primals again, just straight vanished off the face of the Earth.

    Was awesome seeing all those characters help out during the charge towards Crystalgarde, even though they all got bodied, lol. When a single Spritzee is able to block your Death Beam, FeelsBadMan.

    The star attraction being Perfect Zygarde, of course, didn't disappoint. Like I said earlier he threw down the Z, ain't NOBODY getting out of that thing. Loved how Bonnie called for the finisher, that was cool. It was actually rather emotional seeing all those memories of Bonnie and Squishy and them having to say goodbye to each other, I'm going to miss those wololololo's. Well, unless Squishy decides to reappear but I somewhat doubt it now, unless it happens at the end of the last episode in the series, she finds the green blob in her bag again as Ash leaves, that'd actually be nice.

    A lovely end to what is clearly the best villain arc. I find it really hard to argue against it.

    Btw where did all the Team Flare Scientists go? Mable and Celosia might be dead if they went down with the Labs, Byrony and Aliana are just hanging around Prism Tower (heh), and Xerosic is in... some dungeon in the Gym?

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