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Yeah. We'll see. Dan and Swampy's break from making new Phineas and Ferb content lasted about 2-3 years. xD

The first special, The Shut-In is non-canon with it taking place back in Wartwood while Anne and co. are still traveling to Newtopia in Season 2,
and the ending with Polly turning into a monster. xD
Indeed. If there is future animated content, I hope there's something by at least 2025 or 2026
but everything will depend on how long Matt's break from the franchise lasts. xD

As for Season 3, turns out there was only one episode that was cut.
There were plans for another non-canon Halloween special done in clay/stop-mation,
but clay-mation's expensive stuff, so the episode had to be scrapped from Season 3's budget.
Yep, this day was the official premiere of True Colors ignoring the leak. xD

Just heard another interview with Matt who said a a concept for an Amphibia film (most likely for Disney+) entered his
head where Anne and the Plantars travel through time and meet Barrel and Leif. He says never say never
on moew animated content, just don't expect it for a while as animated projects take a long time to make.