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You like my Sailor Saturn avatar?
Yeah! I’ve never actually read/watched Sailor Moon (i think I read the first book, maybe), but the characters are adorable.
Pokegirl Fan~
Pokegirl Fan~
I think Saturn is the prettiest one :3
Mostly top notch acting in M21 with a nearly word for word accurate script, making a more faithful english adapation of M01 with M22's dub,
the 25th anniversary US album coming in October, etc.
Yeah, according to their video, TPCi's core values for Pokémon are:

Passion? Eh, only when they feel like it
Dedicated to quality? The dub would like have a world with you. xD
Integrity and respect? Debatable.
Delighting Customers? A lie on the dub side of things and TCG players
still say that TPCi's handling of the TCG tournaments is still a mess. xD
Pokegirl Fan~
Pokegirl Fan~
TPCI is an awful company xD
Bring back 4kids please xD
Alola Adventurer
Alola Adventurer
They've done some good things, but yeah I wish. But they were boughtout by Konami after filing for bankruptcy and basically only dub Yu-Gi-Oh! content now. xD
Darkrai 888
Darkrai 888
ROFL. I Wish... :/
Yep. Sucks that this is the beginning of the end for DuckTales, though. xD

So we're getting the Wikstorm episode in February. Nice.
I'm guessing that Grookey's debut is probably the final episode of the month, but we'll see.

Good PokéPod session last night. But lol, KG and co. noted that TPCi basically just lied in this video. xD