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Hey, heads up. I think your account was hacked on Discord. I had to temporarily ban the account from the server until I can resolve this.

EP007 - Beagle Day (Finale)

Every year the infamous crime family, the Beagle Boys, throw a Scrooge-hating festival in their junkyard called “Beagle Day.” But when the Beagle Boys steal Scrooge’s top hat for their Ma Beagle, Louie and Webby must sneak into “Beagle Day” to retrieve the hat, which secretly holds the deed to Duckburg!
Alola Adventurer
Alola Adventurer
Danny Pudi (Huey)
Bobby Moynihan (Louie)
Kate Micucci (Webby)
Josh Brener (Mark Beaks)
Eric Bauza (Beagle Boys)
Margo Martindale (Ma Beagle)
Tony Anselmo (Donald Duck)

Additional Voices:
Keith Ferguson
Sam Riegel
Susanne Blakeslee
Kimberly Brooks
Yeah, hopefully PM ditches the episodic formula at some point. Either that or the next series.
The anime switched to the episodic formula to match the lineup of TV Tokyo's Sunday programs
that also run with the said formula. But this is pretty much useless now that TV Tokyo's switched the anime to Fridays. xD
Nice. Still hoping that her, Gladion and Lusamine return since they technically haven't yet. xD
The boys helping them find Mohn would be a great episode plot imo.
PokeRaf is a huge clickbaiter and milker. The dude milks anything from merch, scans and everything. Don't rely on people like him.
Animated Ginger and Zac are better for discussion and speculation imo.
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Even better is Charusharu. He makes brilliant videos. He is a Westerner who lives in Japan, so he also makes videos on Japanese Reception towards PM2019/Journeys and translates things Japanese Fans are saying on Forums. He is also pretty all-round and fairly critiques the series (without being overtly positive or overtly negative). He also sometimes translates interviews in videos and talks about them.
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I'll give it a view when I get time. Can you highlight some of his better videos/critiques regarding JN in a DM?
Just done with Invincible episode 4 -
It's really solid stuff by far, lovin' it.

The worldbuilding and character stuff is especially a high point.
why does
WHY DOES EVERY anime thread devolve into arguing over Amourshipping? can’t we just live and let live and enjoy (or not, if you don’t like it) the show? please?...
maybe, and also because due to that there's also a lot of pushback against her. Though a lot of times it could be stuff like a thread about SM and then it turns into a Serena debate
ChampioN One
ChampioN One
Yeah, there was a thread about why people hate BW and SM anime and it turned into a Serena discussion. I think some users also got banned because of this.
And the discussion was.....really weird
Yep. He's still not over losing his first channel because of ShoPro's bs. I don't blame him. xD

Someone pointed out that Piplup and Garchomp are starting to appear in PM anime merchandise. xD

Sounds like True Colors almost has a new airdate if what Matt said in his tweet was correct.
I wonder if any league winners will return lol
Alola Adventurer
Alola Adventurer
I want Cameron to return only so Ash can beat him with his Lucario for revenge. xD
Pokegirl Fan~
Pokegirl Fan~
Lol I think the person in the back might be Harrison or Vincent from the Johto League and I think Tyson is looking sideways behind Volkner