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Do you ever get the smallest amount of enjoyment getting Pokemon from past games and evolving them into new evolutions?

I really want to get Quilava from Pokemon Colosseum and get the Hisuian form now.
I could also get an Ursaring from the same game and make it Ursaluna.
No, but that's only because that's not usually how I play. But sometimes, once we have a full chain of connectivity, yes.
Come to think of it, I did catch two shiny Petilil in Pokemon Moon. I wonder if the one I didn't evolve is suitable for the Hisuian form.
Watching KG's stream for tonight and he mentioned that he watched the Amphibia series finale this past week.
Tyrone said he hasn't watched much of it, as his main's The Owl House, but after hearing everyone
raving about The Hardest Thing, he said he's interested in watching it now. xD
(50:20 onward)
So what did you think of Multiverse of Madness
The directing was INSANE and Elizabeth Olsen acted really well and was a treat! I loved the Scarlet Witch moments a lot and the musical battle, but overall the movie felt really lacking and the Illuminati stuff was just disappointing
I loved it personally
Didn't really care that much for the Illuminati
Also it suprisingly has a fair amount of solid writing and good scenes in generall
The end fight scene was so cool
I didnt like the Clea scene though, took away from the great ending we had
True. Tangled did gain a bigger audience on Disney+ but, probably still wasn't enough numbers to gain Disney's interest in making more content.
It (unfortunately) worked with Big City Greens Disney+ seeing its popularity on Disney Channel got Big City Greens: The Movie will be a Disney+ exclusive film. -_______- xD
3 days later and Amphibia's still trending. xD
Leak season just isn't fun anymore when the only credible leaker is a petty egomaniac who's "riddles" are just vague cryptic posts.
If you're 18+, go and watch Barry now!! It's so freaking amazing, more well written than it had any right to be and Bill Hader is just perfect!! Really underrated show with S tier writing
Lol I just got a warning for bumping a thread months ago that’s not even active anymore

But the mods still haven’t approved my username change request
Lol at:
"Switching in with another Water type to face an Electric type? I'm not sure I understand the play th-- OH, IT HAS MOTOR DRIVE! THAT'S WHY!!!"
"Change can be difficult, but, it's helped me grow. It can be the hardest thing to realize you can't hold onto something forever. Sometimes, you have to let it go. But, of the things you let go, you'd be surprised what makes its way back to you." -Anne Boonchuy