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ban appeal

  1. F

    Will i ever be allowed to join the Serebii discord server again?

    hey so back in 2021 i said something, that got me banned but over time i changed and improved my username is xX_darkghoul168_Xx#5795
  2. R

    I got banned from the discord server

    Hi, i write this to know if i got banned from the discord server and why. And if i can ger unbanned from the discord server and join it again. Thanks for the time and support.
  3. M

    Very old and questionable ban?

    Hi I wanted to inquire about a ban I hadn't even realized happened I don't use discord often but when I do use a multitude of discords to play Pokemon in and I recently noticed that seribii was missing when I thought I just left it to clear space I found out I was banned I never really even did...
  4. D

    Discord Ban Appeal

    I was banned on discord roughly a year, maybe even two years ago. Username is Daxay #4047. I had posted something along the lines of "LF *some shiny or event* FT any shiny pokemon." An admin messaged me saying to be more specific as to what shiny I was offering. I have a full (and legit) shiny...
  5. Mudkip&Chinchou

    I’m Mudkip6286 on Discord

    I had recently asked a question about if it was ok for you to give someone’s address to the police, especially if they didn’t commit a crime. I had gotten banned without warning. i had been asking questions about police quite a bit lately on the discord because I had done something very dumb a...
  6. S

    Discord ban appeal

    Hello! I am user Sippy#9744 I've been banned on the serebii discord for making a trade that was FT: PCNY shiny johto starters. I first did not know what the problem was with it and asked a trader and friend of mine what happend and if he could get me in touch of the situation. (Been kind of a...
  7. N

    I got banned from their discord

    I was offering a shiny event arceus and that's why i got banned. I only know this ban reason cuz a friend of mine told me. While other people are offering pokemon such as shiny darkrai, shiny shaymin, shiny arceus etc in their docs data only people mentioning it in a post get banned apparently
  8. GamingGuru51

    Discord Ban Appeal

    Hello! I am TheGamingGuru51 over on the Serebii discord server. I was recently banned either earlier today or yesterday evening from the server and I was wondering if there was a way to get unbanned? I’m assuming I got banned from offering a 6iv Regieleki in the trades section. If banned for...
  9. Z

    Questions in being Banned

    Hello! I was just recently banned from the discord and I just want to know exactly why and for how long. I looked over the rules and I am unsure of which one I broke. I dont want to make the same mistake again. Thank you for any help!
  10. X

    Banned on Discord?

    Hello, I noticed that I was banned from the discord and I don't really know why, nor was I given any warning or questioned about anything beforehand. My username is Xerotripz#5637. I think I deserve a chance to defend myself or atleast get warned before just being banned? I'm pretty sure my last...
  11. T

    Getting banned

    Listen you can close my case and state I am lying. The reason both account were under the same IP is because the person on the other account lives with me. We are in tough times and they call for tough measures. My friends families works at the hospital all the time and he’s living with us so he...