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  1. D

    Hidden abilities trade

    FOR TRADE: (Trademe whatever I don't have here FOR WHATEVER I HAVE, just wait till I breedit.) Starters: Bulbasaur Squirtle Cyndaquil Totodile Treecko Torchic Chimchar Tepig Snivy Fennekin Friakie Litten Popplio FOSSILS: cranidos Aerodactyl Tirtouga PSEUDOS: Gible Dratiny Bagon OTHERS...
  2. NidokingJ

    Will anyone breed Pokémon for there playthru?

    A few gens ago I actually traded a full team for my in game play thru, and I plan to do something similar this time, I usually go with my favorite / powerful Pokémon but this time I want to use some of the Pokémon I rarely see any play. For instance I want to use a mightyena on my playthru.