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ditto masuda

  1. J

    Lf foreign ditto pokemon sword

    Hi I'm from Australia looking to trade for a foreign ditto for masuda breeding please help
  2. P

    Trade: Looking for non english, 5 IV ditto

    Looking to trade my 5 IV english ditto for a non english 5 IV ditto :) My dittos stats: - Lonely -HP: 21 - 29 -ATK: 31 -DEF: 31 -SPA: 31 -SPD: 31 -SPE: 31 Not hacked, caught in a raid.
  3. I

    Looking for a 6iv ditto for a legendary with pokérus

    Hello! I'm looking for a 6IV non-English ditto. I am offering one of the following: A shiny gyarados with pokérus A zekrom with pokérus A celebi with pokérus A cosmog with pokérus A kyurem with pokérus A Solgaleo with pokérus A lunala with pokérus A Necrozma with pokérus A 4IV english ditto...
  4. K

    Farming 6iv-Ditto

    Hey guys, I would like to farm the 6iv-Ditto with non-French people to apply the Masuda method. The idea is to try to catch a 6iv Ditto and exchange it each others after! Tell me if you're interested.
  5. InfamousRain

    LF: Foreign Ditto for Shiny Breeding

    Hello I’m looking for a foreign ditto to use for shiny breeding, I’m willing to trade any Pokemon. As I have the full 400 completion of the Pokédex. PM me for friend code to set up trade link. Thanks! :)
  6. Sightless

    Closed Ty <3

    Got two shiny scorbunnys for trade and if needed can go get a 5IV+ US Ditto to add on. Might give 1 shiny scorbunny and a shiny vespiquen instead if that sounds interesting. Message or comment if interested, thank you!
  7. K

    LF:non JPN 5iv(-atk) ditto FT:JPN 5iv(-atk or -spa) ditto

    Hi, Im "kaedekouyou" Japanese Poke Trainer. twitter @kaedekouyou I want some "non JPN ditto" for Masuda method. If you want do it too, I hope you to cooperate. FT ditto (JPN) (I have 18 dittos) 31-*-31-31-31-31 (-atk) LF ditto (non JPN) 31-*-31-31-31-31 (-atk) or 31-31-31-*-31-31 (-spa) by...