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  1. TokoyamiTheDark

    Post your dumb PMs you have received here!

    Dunno if this is allowed. If not, mods, please close this thread. :) Have you ever received a stupid private message (PM) here on SPPf or other communities? Well, this thread is meant for you to submit stupid PMs you received or to view others'. There are a few rules, though. 1: Censor ALL...
  2. AgentKallus

    Famous Historical Figures-Final Match (30 Minute Cooldown)

    In this thread Famous historical figures will face-off until only one reamian Rules: I'll decide how I want this face-off to work depending on how many Nominations there are. Nominations: Each SPPF member may nominate up to 8 famous historical figures. Since it's historical figures only...