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  1. FloralLunala

    Link trade issues.

    Hello! When I go to link trade Someone with a code on Pokémon shield it never shows there name, instead it is just other random people and when I tell them a code and they search for me it shows and we trade. This has happened to me several times when I am trying to join giveaways. How do I...
  2. A

    Does anyone has a spare Own Tempo Rockruff?

    Hey guys, I just got Pokémon Ultra Sun and I really want to use Dusk Lycanroc for my in game team. If anyone has a spare Own Tempo Rockruff could we trade? Please Thanks in advance
  3. RABAT8108

    //Hidden Ability Giveaway\\~

    Welcome to my small Giveaway! Hello everyone! So when I first started my HA collection, I started from serebii. I came across a guy who wanted shinies for the HA and that's even 1 shiny per 2 Pokemon! That's BALLS!! I won't say his name, but I finally didn't trade with him, good for me~...