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  1. Redislonley


    I recently got Pokémon white and when I started playing I’ve noticed I wasn’t gaining any EXP is there any way to fix this problem? PLZ HELP IMMEDIATELY!! I’m playing on my 3DS xl with a game cartridge
  2. T

    Incorrect evolution mechanics

    Hi guys! I've used serebii.net for years, but I have some issues with gen 9 evolutions and that prompted me to make a forum account. Several pokemon seem to have bad evolution mechanics listed. Bonsly - My Bonsly is level 28 and was retaught Mimic around level 20 from the Pokemon summary...
  3. M

    Does anyone have more information about this specific Gen I glitch?

    When I was a kid, my brother was battling his friend in Pokemon Blue via the Link Cable. The Link Cable they had set up had three connector ends to it. (Although looking it up, I see there was a 2nd Generation Link Cable released that had three ends.) I remember I wanted to see what would...
  4. Shadow_Trainer

    My Thread Got Deleted

    I made a thread discussing whether or not Pokemon cloned using glitches(like in Gen1/Gen 2 VC games) are legal in VGC. I got a warning saying that the thread I made violated the rules, which isn't true: 1. Glitches are in game and does not use cheat codes. 2. Does not require a cheat device...