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  1. D

    Looking for some fans to talk about the good ol' days

    Hey! Not sure if this is the right place for it, but I'd really like to make some new friends who grew up around the same era as me with Pokémon, preferably someone who loves the First and Second generation era. I've had a really nice time reconnecting with a lot of very old friends recently...
  2. Rikue

    Seeking a trade partner in Texas (GSC VC)

    Title says it all. Looking for someone in Texas who would like to trade Pokémon. Lol, unlikely to work I know, but I couldn’t think of anywhere else to solicit a trading partner.
  3. X

    Pokemon Bloodlines: DEMON Version - A Gold/Silver Version Rewrite

    Hector awakens. He goes downstairs to find out that his brother Seriph headed off to Professor Elm’s Lab to get a starter Pokémon. Hector goes to the lab as well as to get his own starter Pokémon, but finds out that his brother Seriph convinced Professor Elm to give him all three of his Pokémon...
  4. H

    looking to trade

    ok there are a few specific pokemon I'm looking to trade for that I can't get on my own, as for what I can give you. I can give you ANY species you want that can be traded online. But if you want something more specific then that i'll have to see if it's something I have or can get. I'm looking...