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lets go

  1. Emboar_Rulez

    Battle tournament

    Is anyone interested in a battle tournament in this game??
  2. K

    I need help completing Pokédex. Just Kabuto

    Im so close to completing the Pokédex but I can’t seem to finish it I want to start shiny hunting. I just need 3 Pokémon. I need kabuto & mew. I need Kabuto please with that is a big help
  3. T

    Touch Trade Help!

    Hello! I'm just looking to complete my Pokedex. Have everything I need, but don't have a partner to evolve Kadabra, Machoke, Graveler, and Haunter. Also looking for a Meowth and a Pinsir. I don't mind swapping Pokemon or touch trading so I get my originals back, just need to get it done! If...
  4. N

    Need Pincer

    Hi all, I own LGP and need help with the Pokemon you can only get in the Eevee edition. Trying to complete my pokedex and im only missing Pinsir! can trade it back if you wish. please let me know if you can help. thanks,
  5. Emboar_Rulez

    Shiny help

    So I’ve been trying to find a shiny Poliwag for almost a week now and was wondering if anyone has any advice I have looked in cerulean cave and the route right before victory road and got my catch chain to 450 I have a lure active always and have the shiny charm.What am I doing wrong? I will...
  6. Emboar_Rulez

    Shiny Haunter Trade Help

    hi I currently shiny hunted for a gastly and evolved it into Haunter but I need to help to get a Gengar.Plz do not steal him if I trade you him thanks :)
  7. B

    Help Trading

    Hey, I'm new to this forum, but i got Let's go Pikachu I am looking for an Adamant and Jolly Pinsir. Since I'm not finished, I can offer Mankey Sandshrew Oddish Gloom Growlithe by now. Of course, I would be glad to trade every Pokemon you need. Thank you!
  8. H

    Trade Help

    Hello, I was needing help with getting an Alolan Vulpix. I have Alolan Sandshrew to trade for it. I would appreciate the help!
  9. C

    Looking for exclusive trade help

    Am looking for somebody to trade exclusives with. I need: Meowth Ekans Koffing Pinsir I have: Sandshrew Oddish Growlithe Mankey Grimer Scyther Any help would be great, thank you!
  10. Leafafr12

    Pokedex Pokedex

    Hi there all, Maybe one of you could possibly help me, to complete my lg!p Pokedex. I Am missing some trade evolutions and some Eevee exclusives. Thanks in advanced.
  11. I

    Pokemon let's go Eevee Pokedex help trades!!!

    Hey I just finished the E4 and I need to finish my Pokedex I just need the grimer line aand the oddish line I'm willing to trade back if you want or to give you Eevee version exclusives let me know if you can help.
  12. I Pink Elephant

    What do we know about Shiny Pokemon in these games?

    So, hunting Shiny Pokemon are kinda one of the main reasons I play the game, and I was just wondering what we know about Shiny Pokemon in this game. DO we have any idea what the odds will be or if things like starts/legendaries will Soft Resettable?