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  1. P

    Bdsp Exclusives

    I have Brilliant Diamond and I am close to completing my first ever living pokedex. All I'm missing is the trade exclusives and trade evolution pokemon. I'm gonna put a full list here and I would really appreciate if someone could help me out with any of these Also for the legendaries, I can...
  2. V

    Weird similarity between Pokemon & Disney

    I have a feeling that Pokemon Swsh & BDSP are the video game equivalent of the Disney movie Raya & The Last Dragon! Swsh got criticized for a featured being removed along with some graphic that looked terrible, BDSP had criticism for Its artstyle, & Raya & The Last Dragon got criticism for a...
  3. C

    Looking for Touch trade (BDSP)

    Hi, I'm just looking for someone to touch trade the following so I can complete my dex Nidoqueen, clefable, wigglytuff, moltres, slowking, delcatty, spinda and milotic Thanks
  4. N

    Razor Fang (BDSP)

    Can someone please trade me one too? I’d much appreciate it! I’ll trade a kadabra so someone can have a alakazam.