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  1. A

    LF: Porygon holding an Upgrade around Level 18 (10-20) FT: Level 18 Porygon holding an Upgrade

    LF: Porygon holding an Upgrade around Level 18 (10-20) FT: Level 18 Porygon holding an Upgrade Ever since I saw it as a child, I always wanted to have Porygon-Z, mostly based off how it is the Virtual Pokémon, one of two Normal lines of Pokémon I might ever use on a team full-time other than...
  2. Agredi

    LF: Help Evolving Porygon [COMPLETED]

  3. K


    This post is for the least talked about Pokémon; Porygon. It’s also the only Pokémon banned from being in any show or movie due to seizures being caused in its only episode (which actually were from pikachus attacks). With sword and shield coming out soon, many of us had hoped Porygon Z would...
  4. gengraaah

    Help with pokemon explorers of sky?

    Im stuck on temporal tower? Leader is Eeve and partner is Vulpix. Eevee is lvl 41 and Vulpix is lvl 42. I can barely make it past 10 floors without Porygon discharging and killing me, please help?
  5. Namohysip

    In Beta

    (The following was third-place winner in the serebii Kanto One Shot contest. It's very out of my element, but I'm proud of how well I did despite this. I'll rate it Teen for... uh... whatever I just rate everything Teen to be safe. There are some unsettling themes, I guess. This is very...