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  1. A

    Scorbunny evolution

    How to evolve scorbunny?
  2. Skullera

    I am Looking for a grookey

    I only need grookey No requirements I have both sobble and scorbunny Am willing to max out their dynamax levels for you and provide a sword exclusive tart apple or a wishing stone (if you also play on sword ) Current level of sobble I have is 19 ( will go up as I continue playing )...
  3. Lunacela

    5IV Trades

    FT: 6 IV Scorbunny (Adamant) 5 IV of any of the following: Mareanie (Bold, missing HP) Bounsweet (Jolly, missing Sp Atk) Shellder (JPN, Adamant, missing Atk) Goomy (3 available see spoiler for details) Deino (Many available, see spoiler for details) LF: Any of the following, IVs should be...
  4. A

    Looking for scorbunny and grookey

    Have 2 sobbles for trade just hatched
  5. Sightless

    Closed Ty <3

    Got two shiny scorbunnys for trade and if needed can go get a 5IV+ US Ditto to add on. Might give 1 shiny scorbunny and a shiny vespiquen instead if that sounds interesting. Message or comment if interested, thank you!
  6. d0mmyd


    Looking for these shield exclusives down below Post which exclusive you have to trade & which starter you would like in return (all starters are 5/6 IV) & i will PM you my IGN and trade code. Sableye Oranguru Drampa Solosis Thanks!
  7. Namohysip

    Prayers Unheard

    Hello, everyone! This is my entry for a 2019 one-shot competition over in bulba, but now that it's been a week, I'm publishing it here, too! I hope you enjoy. It's a bit more on the experimental side in terms of the premise, at least compared to the usual thing that I write. Though it might...
  8. Little Miss Firebright


    Completed One-Shot - Rated T Indra Kerrigan is terrified of fire. Mauled by a one-eyed Charizard as a child, she bears terrible scars from her ordeal. And in a village that specializes in flames, she's never been at peace. To earn her freedom, she must take on the Trial by Fire, and travel...