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  1. C

    Shiny Charm Help

    Hi - I'm currently playing Shield and need a few Sword Pokemon to help me finish my pokedex get my charm. Been lucky with random trading but could do with some help. Willing to trade exclusives for exclusives, if anybody playing Sword needs any help
  2. M

    N E 1 need pokerus pokemon? looking to trade?

    I have some pokerus pokemon that i just contaminated i am looking to complete my dex will give pokerus pokemon to trade for sheild exclusives that i still cant get will trade them back to just need the shiny charm. will trade u my legendary for yours then trade back if you want.
  3. Q

    Nvm we done thanks all!

    I have eevee and i need Just need mewtoo for touch trade to finish it off If anyone could help me out would be great and i would happly just do touch trades on all just want to shiny charm
  4. MochaCat

    Ultra Beast Trade

    So earlier I thought I completed my pokedex but I guess I gotta register UBs? Anyone willing to help me? I'll obviously trade back every Pokemons c: Thanks a lot in advance! <3 294. buzzwole 295. pheromosa 296. xurkitree 297. celesteela 298. kartana 299. guzzlord 300. necrozma