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  1. G

    Pokémon shield dialga and solgaleo max lair

    Hi, I’d like to catch dialga and solgaleo. Does anyone have either saved in the max lair that I could do with you even if it’s just to the end battle so that I can save their location Thank you
  2. Blastoise91

    Ooooo Shiny!

    Hey everyone, looking for a few shinies listed below and offering up a few of my own. I am only looking for Pokemon with names spelled in letters regardless of Country and am not interested in trading for Pokemon named in characters unless they are events or not available in Sword or Shield, if...
  3. Shadow_Trainer

    LF Extra Codes for Shiny Lunala/Solgaleo

    There aren't any Gamestops near me, so I would be very appreciative if anyone have any extras, ease?