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  1. P

    BDSP legendary trades

    I'm looking to complete my first ever living dex. I'm currently missing six pokemon: the Legendary birds, Lugia, Palkia and Mew. I can trade the legendary dogs, Ho-oh, Dialga and Jirachi in exchange or any other Legendary pokemon really.
  2. N

    Razor Fang (BDSP)

    Can someone please trade me one too? I’d much appreciate it! I’ll trade a kadabra so someone can have a alakazam.
  3. e6life

    LF: BDSP Exclusive Apricorn Pokémon

    Here's a short list of Pokémon now available in Apricorn balls since BDSP's release, and what balls I have them in at the moment: - Skitty: Fast, Love, Moon - Illumise/Volbeat: Heavy, Level, Lure, Moon - Cacnea: Fast, Friend, Heavy, Love, Lure - Zangoose: Level, Love, Lure, Moon - Seviper...
  4. K

    HELP! Every Pokémon has Timid Nature

    I have been hunting Absol for the last few days, but every time I catch one, it has Timid nature. This is also the case with every Pokémon in the underground and overworld. While this may be great for certain Pokémon, it’s frustrating when hunting Pokémon who benefit from Adamant or Jolly...
  5. M

    Need Drifloon - Please Help

    Sup, I just need a Drifloon to complex my regional dex, but I don’t want to wait until Friday. What are my options? I’ve made it to pokemon champion. I found out one of the trainers in the Hearthstone City has one but I never battled them and defeated the gym leader and it won’t let me use vs...
  6. S

    In desperate need of help BDSP

    I have come to you all in a time of desperation, I need some help with brilliant diamond, I get the game later today ( as long as shipping doesnt delay again) and I really want to use three of my favorite pokemon for my play through, however I cant get their evolution items until post game or...