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Need Drifloon - Please Help


New Member
Sup, I just need a Drifloon to complex my regional dex, but I don’t want to wait until Friday. What are my options? I’ve made it to pokemon champion. I found out one of the trainers in the Hearthstone City has one but I never battled them and defeated the gym leader and it won’t let me use vs. seeker. Any help would be cool.


c l a r i t y
Unfortunately, School Kid Mackenzie in Hearthome Gym was the only NPC trainer in the game with a Drifloon, so the only way to see it is to wait until Friday, go to Valley Windworks and interact with the static encounter Drifloon. This is why it’s so important to not go for the correct answer to Hearthome Gym’s math questions right away, because it means you miss out on vital trainer battles that can help with registering your Pokédex. Because the trainers there are not mandatory, a lot of players often skip her, meaning they forget about her and are left with Drifloon as one of the last Pokémon they have to look for.