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  1. NebulaDreams

    Out of Hand

    Summary: A lone Machamp, desperate for rent money, becomes a temporary team member in order to stay in her beloved Circhester. However, when she discovers the hiring trainer is a spoiled influencer, she's forced to side with him in order to get paid. She not only has to fight for someone she...
  2. InfiniteBakuphoon

    Mirror Adventures: A Tragedy of False Smiles [Anime Mirrorverse AU]

    Hello everyone, and welcome to Mirror Adventures: A Tragedy of False Smiles! This is a Pokémon fanfic based on the Kalos saga anime episode "The Cave of Mirrors", which features an alternate universe where everyone's personalities are the opposite — or "mirror image", so to speak — of their...
  3. Gloch

    Mercy No More

    MERCY NO MORE Introduction When I began playing Pokemon back as a tiny tot I never imagined I'd still be unfathomably obsessed with it as a twenty-something year old. Yet, here we are. I've lost interest in the anime and manga over the years, but the games (somehow) still sit near and dear to...
  4. Namohysip

    Prayers Unheard

    Hello, everyone! This is my entry for a 2019 one-shot competition over in bulba, but now that it's been a week, I'm publishing it here, too! I hope you enjoy. It's a bit more on the experimental side in terms of the premise, at least compared to the usual thing that I write. Though it might...
  5. Cresselia92

    SWAP! [One-shot, Everyone, PMD]

    Hello, everyone! Welcome to my one-shot! This is my submission for a competition in another forum, with the theme being "Undelivered Messages" and the words limit being 10k. This story, well... it uses all those 10k words, ahah. Anyway, this is a simple PMD AU story about two Ninetales with...
  6. NebulaDreams

    Outside the Frame (One-Shot) [FOLLOW-UP INCOMING]

    Author’s Notes: Hey, Neb here! I’m pleased to bring you all a brand new one-shot, that serves as a standalone from the main story of TCATS, but still takes place in that universe, with some cameos at the end. If it hasn’t become apparent yet, this story was inspired by the chatlog format...
  7. Molag Bal

    Red Is The Coldest Color

    Hi there, everyone. I'm Molag Bal, also known as Boethiah on AO3 and Talrand on FFNet. I've been writing fanfiction for some time, but I've only tried my hand at a serial once before, and that fic's long since abandoned. This is my first serious attempt at something long and overarching...
  8. canisaries

    Hunter, Haunted

    One full year after uploading the prologue of Hunter, Haunted to Bulbagarden Forums, the story is making its debut here on Serebii. I am beyond excited to finally bring over my biggest and most beloved project yet to a new audience while revising it to bring out more of its potential. Thanks to...
  9. T

    Some Average Days In A Pokemon Daycare

    Some Average Days In A Pokemon Daycare Hello, everyone! This is a fic I've been working on since November of last year. It's about a world that's far kinder than the one we live in, yet not entirely without cruelty. It's about a world where humans are largely absent, and pokemon are free to...
  10. canisaries


    Hi Serebii! I'm finally posting my first multiparter on here. This is Seiren, a complete rewrite of Agápe, an older story which I'd say I consider my first "serious" one. If you don't know me, and you likely don't: I'm Canis, and I write Twitch Plays Pokémon fanfiction. Now before you click...
  11. dietofwurms

    Beasts and Beauties [Sun & Moon]

    Welcome to "Beasts and Beauties"! Table of Contents Chapter 1 (Prologue): Ferals - In which the kahunas must deal with an unusual situation. Chapter 2: Scratch My Back - In which Lusamine hosts a visitor. Chapter 3: The Mirror - In which Lusamine and Guzma find things to admire--and use--in one...
  12. lucarioknight56

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Unequivocant

    This is a story originally posted over at Bulbagarden and Fanfiction, and I'm wanting this to become more accessible to the main fanbase. This will not be the PMD universe that you are familiar with; it is one of my own invention, and I hope you will enjoy it. Lawrence Stephenson is sent to a...
  13. Negrek


    Rating: I ended up rating this 'fic "M" on FFN. As far as the rating for these forums goes, in later chapters there is definitely "frequent use of profanity", but aside from that, the material is very PG-15, with a fair amount of blood, violence, and death, quite a lot of body horror, and the...