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  1. L


    I’m not sure if this is in the right thread. I’m about halfway through the story part of the Pokemon shield, and have been grinding max raid battles for dreepy with no luck. Is there any advice for this? Would it be theoretically possible to trade 2 dreepys to then breed one of my own ? Thanks
  2. Ambyssin

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Path of Valor

    Welcome to the world of... pokémon? It started when a fairy kingdom set a dreepy princess up to fail. Then she, two classmates, and their servants were sucked into an alien world ruled by a tyrannical deoxys. One whose existence threatens the safety of every world. With a dimensional crisis...
  3. Mario D. Solid

    |H| Dreepy - 5IV X Att - Timid - Inf./CB - Lunar Ball

    Hello guys, this time i was breeding Dreepy and so this is what i've for trade: (all like in the title, timid nature and in a lunar ball) 6IV 3x Infiltrator 1x Clear Body 5IV X Att 38x Infiltrator 11x Clear Body Searching: - for the 6IV i'm just searching for shiny gmax; - for the 5IV just...
  4. ohjeezitskim

    FT: Eiscue, G Ponyta, G Corsola, 4IV adamant Dreepy +

    What I currently have ready to trade: 3 Eiscue 5 G Ponyta 6 G Corsola 4 Deino (VE Sword) 12+ 4IV Dreepy 2 5IV Dreepy (NOT perfect 5iv) What I can trade if I have some time to breed/find them Can breed now: Sobble/Scorbunny/Grooky G Darumaka(VE-Sword) Croagunk(VE-Shield) Jangmo-o...
  5. M

    FT: 5 IV HA dreepy, LF dittos

    Looking for 5+ IV English ditto, or decent IV non-English ditto! Also got anything else available for trade including giga charizard!