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  1. UwULifeGaming

    Regional Variant Survivor

    Just had this idea pop in my head! This one is like my other survivor games. Vote for three, and one gets eliminated. Some rounds may be double eliminations, or even three. Here's the list! 1. Rattata (alola) 2. Raticate (alola) 3. Raichu (alola) 4. Sandshrew (alola) 5. Sandslash (alola) 6...
  2. NeedsAName

    Small-Category Survivor: Single-Stage to Middle-Stage

    Welcome to the newest "BLANK Survivor" Pokémon game! This one will function similarly to the other Survivor games I've hosted, with 24-hour voting periods where everyone votes for one of the remaining Pokémon to be eliminated. However, the category of Pokémon we vote to eliminate will change...
  3. NeedsAName

    Evolution Survivor

    Welcome to the new BLANK Survivor edition, this time about cross-generational evolutions (CGEs)! These are Pokémon that were introduced in a later generation as an evolution for an already-existing Pokémon. The 6 new Galarian Regional Evolutions are counted as new evolutions in this game...
  4. NeedsAName

    Rival Survivor

    Similar to the other BLANK Survivor games hosted by me and a few other users recently, this game will determine the ranking of each rival from the mainseries games by slowly eliminating them. Only one vote can be cast per voting period, and a sudden death round will be used to determine the...
  5. UwULifeGaming

    Gym Leader Survivor

    Hello, and welcome to Gym Leader Survivor! Here's who y'all can vote for. (includes orange league) 1. Brock 2. Misty 3. Lt. Surge 4. Erika 5. Koga 6. Sabrina 7. Blaine 8. Giovanni 9. Falkner 10. Bugsy 11. Whitney 12. Morty 13. Chuck 14. Jasmine 15. Pryce 16. Clair 17. Roxanne 18. Brawly 19...
  6. NeedsAName

    Mythical Survivor

    Welcome to Mythical Survivor, where the popularity of mythical Pokémon is determined by voting them off one-by-one. Each round will proceed as follows: A new round is announced and the remaining mythicals are listed A 24-hour voting period begins where everyone can vote one mythical to be...
  7. NeedsAName

    Legendary Survivor!

    Welcome to Legendary Survivor, (sequel to Starter Survivor), the game that determines the popularity of legendaries by voting them off! Each round will go like this: A new round is announced and the remaining legendaries are listed A 24-hour voting period begins where everyone votes three...
  8. NeedsAName

    Starter Survivor (Final Stages)

    Welcome to Starter Survivor, the thread that determines the popularity of starters by slowly voting them off! Each round will go like this: A new round is announced by me and the remaining starters are listed A 24-hour voting period begins where anyone can vote for one starter to be removed At...
  9. AgentKallus

    Type Specialist Elimination (Bonus Round) (30 minute cool-down)

    Shauntal is the overall victor : Gardenia : Korrina : Shauntal : Wallace : Whitney : Sabrina : Giovanni : Winona : Janine : Viola : Olivia : Pryce : Elesa : Kiawe : Jasmine : Lance : Mina : Karen Bonus-round Untyped: Hau Thanks for participating everybody and remember...