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  1. A

    Mythical trades

    Hi, to complete my dex, I'm looking for the following mythicals: Mew Celebi Darkrai Shaymin Arceus Victini Keldeo Meloetta Genesect Diancie Hoopa Magearna Marshadow Zeraora I have the following to trade (1 or more): Shiny Jirachi Shiny Terrakion Meowth event G-max Eternatus Type: Null Shiny...
  2. Lord Godwin

    Hop's Team against Eternatus?

    So I did notice neither Bulbapedia nor any other source confirms Hop's full Team during the Team-up battle against Eternatus? Did anyone check the full Team he uses? Does he use the 5 Pokemon from the Champion Cup or the 3 Pokemon against Macro Cosmos? Or maybe does he have 6 Pokemon? I...