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face off

  1. AgentKallus

    Which gen 8 pokemon should be in Smash Bros? - Final Round( 1 hour cooldown)

    8 Gen 8 pokemon will compete to see who should be in smash bros. Round 0 - Nominations 1- ? 2- ? 3- ? 4- ? 5- ? 6- ? 7- ? 8- ? Each Sppf member may nominate a gen 8 pokemon, but once 8 nominations are made no more nominations will be accepted. The 8 pokemon will then face-off in a tournament...
  2. AgentKallus

    Seven Deadly Sins Elimination (2 Hour Cool-down)

    The Seven Deadly Sins are a concept first seen in religion but the idea has spread beyond that and is also seen in comics, movies and anime. For this face-off each sin starts with 14 points and per post one point is removed from one of the sins, once a sin reaches 0 points they are eliminated...
  3. AgentKallus

    Mega Evolution : Mega Bracket ( 2 Hour Cool-down)

    48 Mega Evolutions enter the Mega Bracket, only one comes out on top. Mega Bracket in spoiler below I will post an updated version of the bracket after each round. Simply add one point to either side, first side to reach six wins. Round 1 - Match 1 -Mega Medicham vs Mega Charizard Y v...
  4. AgentKallus

    Type Specialist Elimination (Bonus Round) (30 minute cool-down)

    Shauntal is the overall victor : Gardenia : Korrina : Shauntal : Wallace : Whitney : Sabrina : Giovanni : Winona : Janine : Viola : Olivia : Pryce : Elesa : Kiawe : Jasmine : Lance : Mina : Karen Bonus-round Untyped: Hau Thanks for participating everybody and remember...
  5. AgentKallus

    Greek Gods Elimination ( 1 hour Cooldown)

    Below there's a list of 14 Greek gods ( the 12 Olympians + Hades and Hestia) each starts with 15 points per post one point is removed from one of the gods, once a god reach 0 points they are eliminated and this continues until only 1 remains, sound good? Zeus 15/15 Hera 15/15 Poseidon 15/15...
  6. AgentKallus

    Flag face-off. (30 minute cooldown)

    I had another idea for a dumb face-off Two flags will face-off against each other, first to zero loses. Hopefully the game will continue until only one flag remains. Rules Both flags start with 15 points, you remove a point from one side per post, first to zero loses. I doubt this'll need a...