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  1. InfamousRain

    LF: Dino & Bird Fossil Trade

    What’s up boys and girls I’m looking for the Dino and Bird fossils that someone could trade with me for my Fish and Drake Fossils, I currently have 14x both fish and drake fossils and would like to trade two of them for a Dino and the Bird fossil. PM me for friend code to set up a trade link...
  2. D

    If you want Omanyte or Kabuto...

    Hi, all! I've seen a bunch of trade requests asking for Omanyte and Kabuto, so I thought I'd post this friendly PSA: Technically, you don't need to trade to get the Fossil Pokémon Omanyte or Kabuto! Pokémon: Let's Go actually gives you a way to get duplicates of all 3 fossils, even the one you...
  3. D

    Hidden abilities trade (update)

    Pokemon sm//usum Im collecting HA Pokemons. The list below is what I have so far. I trade anything on the list for anything is not listed. Just BE PATIENT AND WAIT TILL I BREED them. Im usually available at 17:30 pacific time. ONLY HA POKEMONS. I will be updating the list in future. This is...
  4. D

    Hidden abilities trade

    FOR TRADE: (Trademe whatever I don't have here FOR WHATEVER I HAVE, just wait till I breedit.) Starters: Bulbasaur Squirtle Cyndaquil Totodile Treecko Torchic Chimchar Tepig Snivy Fennekin Friakie Litten Popplio FOSSILS: cranidos Aerodactyl Tirtouga PSEUDOS: Gible Dratiny Bagon OTHERS...