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  1. bhoptheexman

    Favourite Tales of Game??

    I personally loved Tales of Graces F, the characters, story, music, art style, game play all did it for me. Tales of Arise is less Anime and more Western looking, shame. Hope its good anyway. Whats your favourite game in the series?? I might play more, so far beaten Graces F, and XIllia 1...
  2. octoboy

    Poké-Ball: The Poké-Overhaul

    I haven’t had much to do on Serebii lately, so I thought I’d change that by starting a game of my own Re-Introducing: Poké-Ball, the Pokémon Sporting Sensation! This is a reboot of my original game on this forum in which pokémon play soccer, now adapted to be playable by several users at a time...