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  1. TalkativeBryan

    You're part of the Pokemon canon and you probably didn't even know it

    Dear Stranger, Hi! This post is a compilation of my thoughts, experiences, and light research regarding the canon of Pokemon. It's way more in depth then I ever thought and is actually pretty meta, which isn't really something you'd expect from a game about little creatures slapping each...
  2. NovaBrunswick

    What was your very first game console?

    Nintendo, Sega, Sony, Microsoft or even good old Atari - it doesn't matter. What was the very first game console you owned? (It can be handheld or a home console.) PCs don't count, as I consider them to be of multiple uses other than gaming. If you can remember it, you can also say what games...
  3. Hydrohs

    E3 2018 Discussion Thread

    E3 2018 has started, discuss everything here. Press Conference Schedule Electronic Arts Saturday, June 9th 11AM PT / 2PM ET Microsoft Sunday, June 10th 1PM PT / 4 PM ET Bethesda Sunday, June 10th 6:30PM PT / 9:30PM ET Devolver Digital Sunday, June 10th 8PM PT / 11PM ET Square Enix Monday...