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gary oak

  1. Mythical-Moonlight

    The 5th Project Mew Member Speculation

    I haven't seen a thread about this and the Character Speculation thread is still locked so... We know The actual research team will eventually consist of five members with the most tokens. Asahi and Tsurugi are already in the team, with three more Chaser positions still remaining open. So far...
  2. M

    Gary oak

    I would like to see what others opinions are on his return, would you be happy or sad if they revert his progress and goals from the last time we saw him? i am personally on pins anticipating if they will completely regress him or not, i dont want a nostalgia meme i want progress i want Gary the...
  3. EmberFireTrainer

    What do you think of Ash and Gary's friendship

    One friendship that I have always found to be a bit peculiar or at least interesting is the friendship of Ash and Gary. I find it to be a rather interesting and perhaps complex friendship as they were far from friends during much of the original series particularly in Kanto. One thing that's...
  4. Victorian Rush

    A Heavy Burden (Bondingshipping one-shot, PG)

    Author: Victorian Rush Fandom: Pokemon Pairing: Bondingshipping (Gary x Lillie) with minor Alohashipping (Ash x Mallow) Rating: PG (for language) Note: This is a request I had received from @Pikachu Fan Number Nine. He wanted a Bondingshipping one-shot with a subplot of Lillie's father being in...