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  1. Crybaby Sobble

    Are you upset with the lack of team chemistry in Ash's Team?

    Unlike the previous series and the others, we have not seen active interaction between Ash's team.Like say Gengar has literally appeared only three times since it's capture episode and also it is not seen interacting with Dragonite and the others.Dragonite too is not seen to interact with...
  2. Wulava

    Pokemon Sword & Shield - HELP THREAD (Don't ask about Victini)

    This thread is for any QUESTIONS & ANSWERS regarding the game. Your questions may not be answered immediately, so please be patient. We highly suggest that you look through these dedicated sections first to help find answers. Pokemon Sword & Shield Game Info Gen 8 Pokedex Please do not spam...
  3. Dragalge

    FT: Gigantamax Gengar

    Title says it all. I have Sword but am willing to give this extra Gigantamax Gengar to anyone in both Sword and Shield who wants one. I’m looking for either G-Max Lapras or Appletun in return! Its nature and IVs are Impish with a spread of x/31/0/31/31/31 It stinks yes but still
  4. Ghost94

    LF: G-Max Gengar Max Raid Battle

    Hi guys, I have Pokémon Sword so unfortunately cannot encounter a G-Max Gengar very easily. If you can help out I’ll gift you one of my G-Max Pokémon in exchange: Drednaw Butterfree Sandaconda Centiscorch I can also offer Synchronizing Munna’s with these natures: Timid Jolly Modest Hasty Naive...
  5. G

    Ancient Gengar?

    So, after having a discussion with my friends about Dynamaxing, I realized the "Dynamax ball" looks incredibly similar to a ball I've seen in the manga before. This ball was a dark colored ball with some kind of ancient design or runes on it, and was used by Ash/Red to capture a gigantic Gengar...
  6. K

    Need a couple trades!

    I’m a sandshrew and a gengar away from completing the pokedex! Can anyone help me please? :-)
  7. A

    Need Help Evolving Haunter

    Hello and Happy Turkey Day all. If someone can spare a few minutes to help me evolve my Haunter into Gengar, it would be munched appreciated. I can help you with trade evolutions of your own as well!