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  1. Ghost94

    Shiny Mew Glitch(8F) - Send to HOME

    Not sure if this has been posted, but Austin John Plays made a guide on how to get a glitch Mew in the Red/Blue virtual console games and change its stats so it will legally pass through Pokémon HOME and be shiny! I can confirm that this works, but be careful as I corrupted my save once by not...
  2. T

    Incorrect evolution mechanics

    Hi guys! I've used serebii.net for years, but I have some issues with gen 9 evolutions and that prompted me to make a forum account. Several pokemon seem to have bad evolution mechanics listed. Bonsly - My Bonsly is level 28 and was retaught Mimic around level 20 from the Pokemon summary...
  3. M

    Does anyone have more information about this specific Gen I glitch?

    When I was a kid, my brother was battling his friend in Pokemon Blue via the Link Cable. The Link Cable they had set up had three connector ends to it. (Although looking it up, I see there was a 2nd Generation Link Cable released that had three ends.) I remember I wanted to see what would...
  4. kittenspandaa

    Spinning Furisode Girl in Sushi High Roller

    So I came across this odd glitch or bug or maybe intentional easter egg in the Sushi High Roller in Lumiose City. For reference, I recently beat the Elite Four and have around 150 mons in my Pokedex. The title basically says it all, I walked into the Sushi High Roller in Lumiose City and saw a...
  5. G

    I got both sweet apples and tart apples in Pokemon Sword?

    Does anyone have the same "problem"? I've checked online and it seems the Sweet apple is still exclusive to Pokemon Shield. This is just like the Gigalith glitch (Golurk spawns sometimes under the weather condition for Gigalith).
  6. Shadow_Trainer

    My Thread Got Deleted

    I made a thread discussing whether or not Pokemon cloned using glitches(like in Gen1/Gen 2 VC games) are legal in VGC. I got a warning saying that the thread I made violated the rules, which isn't true: 1. Glitches are in game and does not use cheat codes. 2. Does not require a cheat device...