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  1. D

    Dreamball charmander on gts

    For completing my live dex im trading dreamball charmanders with egg moves and some of the with its HIdden ability. I have lots of HA pokemons and some others with dreamball. If you want them I can trade you via link trade. PM me
  2. Z

    LF non eng 5 IV ditto

    Preferably 5 IV except Sp Att I have 5 IV english ditto or 6IV male english Eevee
  3. TokoyamiTheDark

    Stupidest OT/Nicknamed Mons you EVER got from trades?

    As the Title says, which Pokémon you obtained from GTS/Wonder Trade had the stupidest, dumbest nicknames or OTs? Gen VI mons are also welcome since Wonder trade was introduced in gen VI :) I begin with these 2 unforgettable ones. 1 - Pokémon: Mudbray stupid nickname: subeta AND/OR stupid OT...
  4. Mr. Reloaded

    GTS stories: It ain't all bad

    The GTS has become somewhat infamous or rather notorious for it's ludicrous requests and lack of any real moderation (showing off shines by asking for genderless Pokemon but actually being allowed to ask for he genders for example) but for every bad apple, there is a saving grace. Post away...