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max raid

  1. A

    Max Raid hosting of Sword exclusives?

    I know I might be asking a lot but I like my mons to have my OT, not to mention some could have Perfect IVs, so I thought I'd ask and whoever wants to help me I'd be forever grateful! I am constantly on Y-Comm and Ive managed to get some of the other exclusives but these still elude me... I'd...
  2. C

    Red vs. Yellow Raids?

    In the Y-comm, when I am looking to join raids hosted by other people, some of the stamps have a red background, while others have a yellow. I have noticed no distinction between gigantomax/dynomax, the star rating of the raid, or the type of pokemon that can appear in the raid. In point of...
  3. R

    Incenerate not working in Max Raid battle?

    Hi to you all, I have a Vulpix with the move Incenerate, but when I try to use the move in a max raid battle it says that the move has failed. I cannot find any reason for this anywhere on the internet. Does anyone understand why the move fails, only in Max Raid Battles? Thanks!